Here is an index of pictures for various Bodine-related events, locations, and people. Photos having to do with individuals (tombstones, portraits, houses, land, etc.) are not normally located here. If available, those are located with the appropriate person's genealogical data. Write me at BodineGenealogy@gmail.com if you have any pictures you would like to add. Pictures must be sent to me in jpg format. Please do not send too many at a time. A file's total size should not be much more than 200 kilobytes (one-fifth of a megabyte). Pictures should not be over nine inches (900 pixels) wide or seven inches (700 pixels tall). I will adjust the picture's dimensions to better fit the web page once I receive it. Please also include the names of as many individuals as possible and the date and description of the event or location.


Bodine Family (1903) somewhere in New Jersey (probably Plainfield)
John H. Bodine and Clarissa A. Sine's 50th wedding anniversary - Plainfield, New Jersey

Bodine Family Reunion (September 8 & 9, 1909) at Island Park in Easton, Pennsylvania
These Bodines are somehow related to Kate (Bodine) Hill, the daughter of Peter Bodine and Susan LeFoy.

Bodine Family Reunion (1923) near Covington, Indiana
Descendants of John Bodine and Caroline Brewer of Fountain Co., Indiana

Bodine Family Reunion (1926) in Trenton, New Jersey
Descendants of John Bodine and Caroline Brewer of Fountain Co., Indiana.

William Ira Bodine Family (taken in 1927 or 1928) at William's house at 1017 Rogers Street in Springfield, Missouri.

Bodine Family Reunion (1930) in New Jersey
Descendants of Jacob Bodine and Catherine Fauss from Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

Reynolds Family Reunion (1942) in Calhoun Co., Michigan
Descendants of Clarence Eugene Reynolds and Carrie Louise Bodine of Calhoun Co., Michigan

Bodine Family Reunion (1976) at Lake Norris in Andersonville, Tennessee
Descendants of Charles Sharp Bodine and Mary Jane Goodman of Central City, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky

Bodine Family Reunion (1999) in Covington, Indiana
Descendants of John Bodine and Caroline Brewer of Fountain Co., Indiana

Bodine Family Reunion (1999) near Kaufman,Texas
Descendants of John Bodine and Nancy Ann Gunnels of San Augustine Co., Texas

I don't have any pictures yet, but a Bodine family reunion in 1897 at North Hector, New York is mentioned in a small booklet called History of the Branch of the BODINE FAMILY Founded by CORNELIUS BODINE, A Soldier of the Revolution, and a Pioneer of the Lake Country of Central New York.

It was written by E. P. Bodine of Lodi, New York in 1897 and published by Charles Bodine Doty of Buffalo, New York. It was then republished in 1943 by George F. Bodine of Rochester, New Yorkto bring the descendants of Isaac Bodine and George Bodine down to date along with other additions.The author says he prepared the booklet and that it was "read at the first reunion of the Bodinefamily, held at North Hector, N. Y., September 7, 1897. Some research needs to be done in the papers from that time to see if anything was published, especially any pictures.

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