Links to Bodine-Related Genealogy Sites


Other "Bodine" Sites

1. GenForum Bodine Message Board: This site has many queries and answers concerning the Bodines of several branches. A lot of good information can be gleaned from here.

2. Bodine Message Board: This site also has many queries and answers concerning the Bodines.

3. This is a site maintained by Brett Monroe Bodine. He's a descendant of Wesley Bodine and Minerva Jane Silvers. As of April 25, 1999, Wesley was the first name listed in this family tree. Many of his descendants follow. Wesley was born on March 1, 1828 in Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio. He married Minerva Jane Silvers on June 18, 1848 in Allen County, Indiana. He later married Arabelle Buelle on June 23, 1863 in Steuben County, Indiana. He is listed as having eleven children by his two wives. Brett can be reached at BMBodine at

4. This is Dianna Alaniz's home page. She is a descendant of Louisa Bodine and Raphael Moss. Louisa (b. 1837) was the daughter of Joseph Bodine (b. 1808) and Elizabeth Thomas (b. 1804). Joseph was the son of Samuel (b. 1787). This web site has many of Samuel Bodine's descendants listed in an easy-to-read format. There are lots of additional notes and sources. Dianna has also posted some possible ancestors for Samuel. Although there is not a lot of original source material for this yet, I think her conclusions are probably right. Her email address is dianala at

5. This is Doris Ross Johnston's Genealogy page. She has some information on the Bodines. Doris is connected through William Longley who married Mary Ann Bodine. Their son, Joel Longley, married Nancy Bodine, daughter of Francis and Winifred Bodine. Some of the connections related to these Bodines still need solid proof, but Doris has a nice site.

6. Rootsweb: A Bodine resources page at the Internet site Rootsweb. It has several valuable search engines that can be used to find Bodine information at Rootsweb.

7. Genealogy Today: This is a Bodine Genealogy and family resources page at GenealogyToday.

8. Family History (LDS) Bodine Resources: This is a list of resoruces in the LDS Family History Library which have to do with Bodine Genealogy. These can be ordered from the library.

9. Distant Cousins Bodine Resources: These are some Bodine resources at the Distant Cousins genealogy web site.

10. MooseRoots: This site has a wealth of census, birth, death, marriage, and burial information.

Allied Families

1. This is a site with a little information on the Bodin (not Bodine) family in Canada. There isn't a whole lot here, but someone may find something that helps.