Husband: John Casson
Born: ____ Died: Jan 1738 in Richmond Co., NY Father: Mother:
Wife: Esther (Hester) Bodine Married: abt 1707 1
Born: 1683 - 1684 2 Died: aft Jan 1738 Father: John (Jean Bodin) Bodine (1645 - 1707) Mother: Esther Bridon ( - 1737) Notes
Sources: (1) It seems like she is unmarried in her brother John's will of January 1707 (though that is not absolutely clear). And since she is not named with her Bodine family in the Staten Island Census of the fall of 1707, then she must have gotten married that year. (2) The year 1683-1684 is just a guess. She probably married in 1707 and she was probably one of the older children. I'm guessing she was born after her brother Jean since I think he was most likely the firstborn child. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 1 MB. Click here to return to the Home Page. Click here to email me. Name Index