Husband: Jeffrey Lynn Bodine
Born: Feb 2 1950 in Covington, Fountain Co., IN Died: Jun 13 1982 in Covington, Fountain Co., IN 1 Buried: in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Covington, Fountain Co., IN Father: Jack Richard Bodine (1916 - 1967) Mother: Josephine Mae Keller (1920 - 2007) Other spouse 2 Other spouse 3 Notes
Wife: Living
Born: (details excluded) Father: Mother:
+ M Child 1: Living Born: (details excluded) Wife: Living b. (details excluded)
Sources: (1) Jeffery may have died in 1983 instead of 1982, but I have no original source for either year. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 1 MB. Click here to return to the Home Page. Click here to email me. Name Index