Husband: Theodorus Polhemius
Born: abt 1646 in Island of Itamarca, Brazil Died: ____ in Jamaica, Long Island, NY Father: Johannes Theodorus Polhemius (1598 - 1676) Mother: Catherine (Catharina) Van der Werven (1612 - 1702)
Wife: Aertje Bogart Married: Oct 14 1677 in Flatbush, Long Island, NY 1
Baptized: Dec 19 1655 Died: aft 1721 Father: Tunis (Teunis) Gysbertse Bogart Mother: Sarah (Sara) Rapelje
Sources: (1) Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families, p. 28 - says 1676. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 1 MB. Click here to return to the Home Page. Click here to email me. Name Index