Husband: Thomas Kincaid
Born: Apr 21 1787 in Cumberland Co. PA Died: Sep 25 1817 in Bath Co., KY Father: Archibald Kincaid (1750 - ) Mother: Janet Townsley
Wife: Abigal Irons Married: Sep 21 1802 in Montgomery Co., KY (became Bath County)
Born: Aug 20 1785 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA Father: Mother: Other spouse 2
+ F Child 1: Elizabeth Kincaid Born: Jun 25 1803 in Montgomery Co., KY Died: Aug 3 1879 in Bath Co., KY Husband: William Warren b. 1801 d. Sep 27 1886 Married: Aug 2 1821 in Bath Co., KY 1
F Child 2: Mary Kincaid
F Child 3: Patsy Kincaid
M Child 4: Samuel Kincaid Died: Apr 24 1873 in Menard Co., IL Buried: in Indian Point Cemetery
F Child 5: Sally Kincaid Born: in twin of Samuel Kincaid Died: age 2
+ M Child 6: Andrew Kincaid Wife: Living
F Child 7: Jane Kincaid
M Child 8: William Kincaid
Sources: (1) Marriage Records 1811-125, Bath Co. KY, A list of Marriages Returned, John Evins N.G. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 1 MB. Click here to return to the Home Page. Click here to email me. Name Index