Husband: Zachary ("Zack") Taylor McKay
Born: Jul 7 1847 in Kentucky Died: Dec 23 1929 in Jefferson Co., KY Father: Ludwell McKay Mother: Jane Merrifield
Wife: Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Crow Bodine Married: Nov 25 1878 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
Born: Jan 5 1857 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY 1 Baptized: Easter, 1857 in Grace Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY Died: Sep 4 1941 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY Buried: in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY Father: James Morrison Bodine, M.D. (1831 - 1915) Mother: Mary Elizabeth Crow (1837 - 1896) Notes
F Child 1: Mary Bodine McKay
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