Husband: John Bethel
Father: Mother: Notes
Wife: Mary Anderson Davis
Father: Richard Davis Mother: Frances Crenshaw Notes
+ F Child 1: Susan Frances ("Fannie") Bethel Born: Apr 19 1840 in Barren Co., KY 1 Died: Mar 14 1908 in Paris, Monroe Co., MO Husband: John Rector Bodine, M.D. b. Nov 26 1827 d. Oct 14 1880 Married: Oct 14 1863 Husband: Sebastian F. Birkett b. Feb 28 1819 d. Nov 17 1904
Sources: (1) 1880 Census, Montgomery Co. (Montgomery City), MO - age 40, KY, VA, VA. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 100 KB (about 6x4). Click here to return to the Home Page Click here to email me Name Index