Husband: Harry O. Bodine
Born: Sep 7 1880 in Montgomery, Orange Co., NY Died: Dec 1954 in Hamburg, Sussex Co., NJ Father: John Bodine (1843 - 1921) Mother: Augusta 'Rebecca' Briggs (1852 - 1885) Notes
Wife: Celia McCarter Married: abt 1901 in prob Orange Co., NY or Sussex Co., NJ 1
Died: Sep 16 1905 - Apr 1910 in prob Sussex Co., NJ Father: Mother:
M Child 1: Frank James Bodine Born: Feb 9 1902 in Sussex Co., NJ Died: aft May 1935 Wife: Dorothy Marie Holt b. May 2 1913 Married: Jul 25 1931 in Warwick, Orange Co., NY
M Child 2: Frederick ("Fred") W. Bodine Born: Sep 16 1905 in Coldenham, Orange Co., NY Died: May 22 1935 near Middletown, Orange Co., NY Wife: Ida Eliza Lawrence b. Aug 22 1909 d. Apr 9 1991 Married: Sep 17 1930 in Little Britain, Orange Co., NJ
Sources: (1) The 1930 Census (see Notes) says he was age 20 when he first married. I am assuming that first marriage was to Celia. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 100 KB (about 6x4). Click here to return to the Home Page Click here to email me Name Index