Husband: Charles Denson
Born: abt 1826 in New Jersey Died: ____ Father: Mother:
Wife: Martha Bodine
Born: abt 1827 in poss Stockton, Hunterdon Co., NJ 1 Died: Dec 1 1872 in prob Stockton, Hunterdon Co., NJ 2 Father: Benjamin Bodine (1793 - 1875) Mother: Catherine (Hetty/Holly?) Ent (1792 - 1882) Notes
Sources: (1) In Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 13: 275 there is a listing of gravestones in Sandy Ridge Cemetery, near Stockton wherein is named "Martha Denson, died December 1, 1872; aged 57 years. Daughter of Benjamin Bodine." In another listing of thes graves, Martha Denson is reported to have died 1 Dec 1872 aged 46 years. This latter reference is in line with the 1850 census of Hunterdon County, Delaware Township where Charles Denson, a shoemaker, age 23, lived with Martha Denson, also age 23. (2) Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine (v. 13, nos. 2-3): Some gravestones in Sandy Ridge Cemetery, near Stockton, New Jersey - date. Died at age 57. Name given is Martha Denson. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Website Email me with Revisions. Pictures welcome if under 1 MB. Click here to return to the Home Page. Click here to email me. Name Index