Notes for: Ann Bodine

From Ronny Bodine:

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Baptisms, 1734-1840:
As parents:
Johannes, bapt 4 Oct 1772 to Johannes Crist & Anna Battern.
Sponsors were Johannes Velten & Jenny, his wife.
Anna, born 17 June, bapt. 20 July 1777 to Henrich Crist & Anna.
Sarah, bapt. 4 April 1779 to Hendrick Crist & Anne Bodine.
Hendrick, bapt. 13 May 1780 to Henry Crist & Anna Bodine

As sponsors:
Anny, bapt. 23 Jan 1768 to Johannes Velten & Jannetjen Bodyn.
Sponsors were Johannes Christ Jr & Anny Bodyn.
Lorentz, bapt. 23 Jan 1768 to Stephanus Christ Jr. & Rachel Newkirk.
Sponsors were Johannes Christ Jr. & Anntien Christ

NOTE: The marriage record of Henrich Crist to Anna Crist on 12 Sept 1776 notes she is a widow and was born Bodin. Anny Bodyn and Johannes Christ Jr. were sponsors in 1768 to a child of Johannes Velten and Jannetjen Bodyn. In 1772, Johannes was baptized as a child of Johannes Crist and Anna Battern. Because no other person named Battern appears in the records of the Brick Reformed Church, it seems evident Anna Battern was Anna Bodine and the sponsors to the baptism were Johannes Velten and his wife Jenny [Bodine]. Anna Bodine Crist then married Henrich Crist in 1776 and their first child, Anna, was born 1777.