Notes for: Isaac Bodine

We are making an educated guess that his Isaac Bodine is the son of William Bodine and the father of the Isaac Bodine who married Rachel Dubois. See the notes below for more details. Take into consideration, though, that this is just a guess. More evidence is needed to be sure of this.

From Ronny Bodine:

Isaac Bodine was born 1733 or 1734, being aged 24 years on 7 April 1758, based on the following muster roll.
From Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops 1755-1764, New York Historical Society, 1892, p. 90-95.
A Muster Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Seely Junr., Esqr., Command of Colonel, 21 April 1758.
87. Wm. Bodine, 20, Farmer, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
88. Lewis Bodine, 23, Farmer, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
89. Isaac Bodine, 24, Weaver, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
[Note: The listing of names for this muster roll was not alphabetical, thus the three Bodine men all were recruited as a group. The enlistees were primarily from communities in Orange and Ulster Counties.]

Isaac Bodine does not appear in the records of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, nor in any other nearby church. However, it was certainly he who was recorded on an order dated March 1785:
"Sir, Please to pay unto William Ostrander all our wages that is Due us in Colls. Johannis Johnson's Reg't Militia and in so doing this order shall be your Receipt given under our hands this fifth Day of March 1785. William Bodine Isaac Milspaugh Witnesses present Peter Bodine Isaac Bodine"

What became of him thereafter remains to be determined. Because the name Isaac was not used in the Bodine family of Orange-Ulster County in this time period it seems likely that he was the father of the only other Isaac Bodine associated with the family, born in Montgomery, Ulster County in August 1760.