Notes for: Jacob Bodine

I should say right off the bat that this Jacob Bodine may not be the son of John W. Bodine and Barbara Smithgall. There are some serious problems with this information that still need to be worked out.

According to the Best-Bodine files, he was a lumberman and was affliliated with the Presbyterian Church. It says that Jacob was not in the 1850 Census, but Margaret and children were. Bible records show that Jacob died on September 7, 1849; however, his tombstone says 1851. That must be a mistake.

He could be the son of Jacob Bodine and Mary Pickel. He is at least a close relative. They had a son Jacob and I am guessing that it could be this Jacob, husband of Margaret Keller. He did not show up in the 1850 Census of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. A Margaret is listed, age 41, with John, age 25, and Samuel, age 18. It seems like more of the kids should have been listed. I wonder if some of this family wasn't killed by some disease. What happened to them all? I had, From FamilySearch, January 10, 1810 for his birth date.

This family came from and it seems like it must have mistakes. It does not seem to match the census info from Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Joan Best sent me this.

Jacob Bodine (next to John, his father): 1f under 5; 1m, 1f: 5-10; 1 m 30-40
Note: Jacob appears to be a widower. Jacob would also appear to be older than than he should be. The info from his tombstone would appear to show that he was born in 1812 and that he was about 28 in 1840. He should not have been 30. This is a minor mistake since errors in ages like this seem to happen often in censuses. However, where is his wife? If he had a child in October of 1840, how could he not have been married at the time of the 1840 Census? These are questions that need to be answered.

1850 Census
No info.

1860 Census, July 16, 1860
Family 708: Margaret Bodine, 41, f, PP $50, PA
John Bodine, 25, m. Laborer, PA
Samuel Bodine, 18, m, PA
Note: children not listed as in school

From Ronny Bodine:

From Pennsylvania Federal Census Records:
1840 Hepburn Twp., Lycoming Co: Jacob BODINE males 1(5-9), 1(30-39); females 1(0-4), 1(5-9), 1(30-39). (Living next door to John Bodine]

1850 (3 Nov) McIntyre Twp, Lycoming Co: Margaret BODEN 40 PA, Henrietta 10 PA, Samuel 8 PA, John 18 PA.

1860 (16 July) Lewis Twp., Lycoming Co. (Family 606/708): Margaret BODINE 41 PA, John 25 PA Laborer, Samuel Bodine 18 PA.

From Lewisburg (Penn.) Chronicle of Wednesday, 19 Sept 1849.
Jacob Bodine, of McIntyre township, Lycoming county, and son of John Bodine, formerly of Turbut township, Northumberland county, came to an awful and sudden death, by the accidental discharge of a rifle gun, on Friday the 7th inst. On the evening of the day referred to, the deceased had gone up the Railroad to invite some of his neighbors to a logging bee, which he intended to have the next day; and while at the house of Henry Apker, he desired to try an old State rifle which Mr. A. had in his possession, in order to see how it would do for target shooting. The lock of this rifle it appears was some what out of order and subject to go off at half cock. The deceased, not aware of this, struck the butt end of it with considerable force on the ground, which caused the gun to go off, the ball entering the right temple, close to the eye, and passing up through the cranium, caused instant death. The deceased was nearly forty years of age, and has left a wife and five children to mourn their irreparable loss.