Notes for: Lewis (Baduyn, Bodyn) Bodine

He was probably in the militia in 1758. He was 23 years old. That would put his birth year at about 1735. There is also a Lewis Bodine mentioned in the 1790 and 1800 Censuses of Montgomery, New York. See also the Articles of Association - Hanover (1774 and 1775). I guess there is a Lewis Bodine mentioned in these. (I'm not sure what these are.)

Here is the 1790 Census info:

Family 102
Bodine, Lewis
4 Males 16 & over
2 Males under 16 years
6 Females

The Bodines in this Census seem to be related to the William Bodine born in 1710 or so. Maybe Lewis was a son of his that we don't know about.

he following info came from a messay by Kevin Elliott. It was one that he forwarded to me from previous correspondence about the Lewis and Jacob Bodines:
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Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004
Subject: Bodine stuff

Lewis Bodine: This L.B. was born during the 1740's, had 8 children from Wyntje Kimberg (various spellings), one of whom was another Lewis Bodine (b.1778). This is the same family group in your correspondence. I did not know of the Sussanah record at Hebron Lutheran Church. I have no contention with it, provided it says that Wyntje is her mother. Then that would make nine. He was a Revolutionary War veteran.

Discussion: To have had a family with children born in the 1760's, he would have to been born in the 1740's or before. This Lewis must also be the one who put up a bond in the estate of James Shearer of Montgomery, in 1791. The others would have been too young. The Rev. War rosters have Lewis Bodine listed. Again the others would have been too young for this. He could be a close relative of Jacob Bodine, Sr.

ewis Bodine: This is the son of the Rev. War soldier, b. 1778. He is in the 1860 Federal census, age 81.

Discussion: The 1860 census lists him living with Fanny Bodine, age 50 and Mary Ann Lee, age 50 also. Baptism record clearly shows his parentage to Wyntje and the eldest Lewis. Age in census identifies him as b. 1778. See also the 1850 Census, age 71 living with Fanny Bodine, age 43. Also 1820 Census, "Lewis L. Bodine. The other Lewis's had all died before 1860.

From Ronny Bodine (Oct. 16, 2020):

There is no direct evidence to make Lewis Bodine the son of William Bodine, but he is associated with contemporary Bodines who appear to be siblings. His daughter Ann was sponsored in 1766 by Ann Bodine, and his daughter Nelly [aka Eleanor] was sponsored in 1768 by Frederick and Mary (Bodine) Kimbark.

Lewis Bodine was born 1734 or 1735, being aged 23 years on 7 April 1758, based on the following muster roll.
From Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops 1755-1764, New York Historical Society, 1892, p. 90-95.
A Muster Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Seely Junr., Esqr., Command of Colonel, 21 April 1758.
87. Wm. Bodine, 20, Farmer, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
88. Lewis Bodine, 23, Farmer, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
89. Isaac Bodine, 24, Weaver, enlisted 7 April 1758, Richard Gatehouse Militia Co. [p. 94]
[Note: The listing of names for this muster roll was not alphabetical, thus the three Bodine men all were recruited as a group. The enlistees were primarily from communities in Orange and Ulster Counties.]

From Baptisms of the Fishkill Dutch Reformed Church of Dutchess County, New York:
Wyntje, bapt. 9 Feb 1734 to Johan Kember & Anna Mare Feend.
Sponsors are Johannes Metlar and Wyntje de Lange.

From Baptisms of the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City:
Elizabeth, bapt. 1 May 1762 to Louis Bodine & Weintje Kimberg.
Sponsors are Hester Bodyn & Vinsen Broer [=Vincent Brewer]

From: Baptisms of the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, 1734-1840:
As parents:
Ann & Maryken, bapt. 2 Aug 1766 to Louis Bodyn & Wyntjen Kimberg.
Sponsors are David Schmit, Ann Bodyn, Philip Melsbach, Anna Kimberg.
Nelly, bapt. 30 July 1768 to Lewyn Bodyn & Wyntjen Kimberg.
Sponsors are Frederick Kimberg, Mary Bodyn.
Maria, bapt. 12 Aug 1770 to Lewys Bodine & Wyntjen Kimberg.
Sponsors are Georg Wilh. Kimberg, Annajten Weller.
Lewis, bapt. 20 Sept 1778 to Lewis Bodine & Wyntie Kimberg. No sponsors named.

As sponsors:
David, bapt. 31 May 1766 to Johannes Velten & Jannetjen Bodyn.
Sponsors: Louis Bodine & Wyntjen Kimberg, his wife.
Lewys, bapt. 12 Oct 1771 to Philip Melzbach & Anny Kimberg.
Sponsors: Lewys Bodine & Wyntjen Kimberg.

In addition to the foregoing children, two further children were:
Catherine, born Jan 1764 and Adam, born 13 Sept 1770. Adam Bodine calls Catherine his sister in a deposition of 8 Jan 1839 in support of a widow's pension based upon her husband's service in the Revolutionary War and provided a like deposition on 8 Sept 1838 for Elizabeth Bodine Tremper, in both cases stating he was present at their weddings in his father's home.

From New York Federal Census Records:
1790 Ulster Co.: Lewis BODINE 4 free white males 16-, 2 free white males under 16, 6 free white females.

Deed of 5 July 1791 from Lewis Bodine & wife Wyntie of Montgomery, Ulster County to Johannis Mould Junior of the same place, for 350, lot no. 11 in Montgomery consisting of 154 1/4 acres in a tract known as the ten thousand acre tract. Recorded 19 Sept 1792 in Ulster County Deed Book LL, p. 227.

Lewis Bodine Senr. appears on the 1801 tax assessment roll of real and personal estates for Montgomery, Orange County with real estate valued at 2075 and 400 in personal property. He does not appear on the 1802 list.