Notes for: Peter Bodine

Most of the info on this family came from Ralph Weller. A note on Peter said he may have married earlier in New Jersey. The reference for this is "Old Families in Walden and Neighboring Places," by Charles Bodine. This was published in "Walden Citizen Herald," Walden, NY, March 16, 1939 - January 11, 1940.

From Ronny Bodine:

There is no direct evidence to make Peter Bodine the son of William Bodine, but he is associated with contemporary Bodines who who may all be siblings. His son William was sponsored in 1758 by Johannes and Jane (Bodine) Velten, his son John was sponsored in 1760 by Lewis Bodine, and his daughter Maria was sponsored in 1767 by William Bodine.

From History of Orange County, New York, by E. M. Ruttenber & L. H. Clark, Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1881.
p. 375-6: Peter Bodine, William Bodine and Jacob Bodine all appear on the Montgomery town record, including Crawford, during the period 1768-1778.

Peter Bodine served in the Fourth Regiment, Ulster County Militia during the Revolutionary War. The regiment was in service between Oct, 1775 to 1782.

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Marriages:
19 Oct 1753 Pieter Potteyn and Maria Buckstavor.
11 June 1778 Peter Bodin (widower) and Catharina Melsbach (widow born Constable).
Witnesses were Andrew Wilson & Melinda Ann Bull.

From Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County, Baptisms, 1734-1840:
As parents:
Jacob, bapt. 9 June 1754 to Peter Bodeyn & Maria Bockstaver.
Sponsors were Jacob Dekker & Eva Dekker.
Elizabeth, bapt. 15 May 1756 to Pieter Bordyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Jacob Melsbach & wife Elizabeth Buchstaber.
Willem, bapt. 26 Aug 1758 to Pieter Bodyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Frederick Buchstaber & Jannetje Bodyn.
Johannes, bapt. 7 June 1760 to Petrus Bodyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Louis Bodyn & wife Weintje Gimberg.
Elisabeth, bapt. 12 Jan 1765 to Petrus Boryn & Anna Maria Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Hieronymus Weller & Elizabeth Buckstaber, his wife.
Maria, bapt. 20 June 1767 to Pieter Bodyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Wilhelm Bodyn & Maria Melybach, his wife.

As sponsors:
Maria, bapt. 30 April 1757 to Petrus Matheis Terwilge & Margrietje Schut.
Sponsors were Pieter Bodyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Maria, bapt. 17 Sept 1757 to Frederick Bosteven & Elsie Smith.
Sponsors were Jacob Christ & Maria Boesteven, wife of Peter Bodyne.
Rachel, bapt. 27 Feb 1757 to Jacob Dekker & Eva Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Pieter Bodyn & Elsje Buchstaber.
Isaac, bapt. 26 June 1762 to Jacob Melsbach Sr. & Elisabeth Bockstaber.
Sponsors were Peter Bodine & Maria Buchstaber.
Petrus, bapt. 31 May 1766 to Hieronymus Weller & Elsjen Buchstaber.
Sponsors were Petrus Bodyn & Maria Buchstaber.
Caty, bapt. 16 Sept 1781 to Johannes Bodine & Margret Kimbergh.
Sponsors were Peter Bodine & Catharina Milspagh.

The last record that can be attributed to him is the following order dated in March 1785:
"Sir, Please to pay unto William Ostrander all our wages that is Due us in Colls. Johannis Johnson's Reg't Militia and in so doing this order shall be your Receipt given under our hands this fifth Day of March 1785. William Bodine Isaac Milspaugh Witnesses present Peter Bodine Isaac Bodine"