Notes for: Jacob Bordine / Bodine, Sr.

The names of his children come from his will made June 29, 1821 and proved May 18, 1826 (Orange Co., NY H-128). LDS says he was born in Wallkill, Orange County, New York. says he was born May 15 in Wallkill, Orange County.

Kevin Elliott sent me a transcription of Jacob's will:

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Also a transcription of Jacob B. will:
Doesn't mention his grandson Milton, but does mention his Sears grandchildren.

I, Jacob Bodine of the town of Montgomery county of orange and the state of New York considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory ( Blessed be Almighty God for the same) Do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say.

1st I give devise and bequeath unto my eldest son Charles to him his heirs and assigns forever Sixty acres of land a part of the farm on which I now live which with the twenty acres of land I heretofore deeded to him will make eighty acres of land.

2nd I give devise and bequeath unto my youngest son Lewis the remaining part of said farm on which I now live be the same more or less to him his heirs & assigns forever And further it is my will & I do hereby direct accordingly that the farm which I have already hereby divided unto my said two sons Charles & Lewis be divided in the following manner that is to say the part which my said son Charles shall have shall be run off the south side of my said farm on which I now live - the division line to commence and run as follows:

Beginning at the mouth of the Brook which empties into the Wallkill and running thence along the middle of said Brook as it now runs to a small white wood tree, thence a Southwesterly course to a small chestnut tree marked on two sides with two notches Standing by a large flat Rock; thence in a Northwesterly course to a Walnut sapling tree marked on two sides with two notches standing on the south side, near the Road which leads from the house in which I now live to a main Road thence along said Road to the middle of said Main Road ( Hence Northerly along the middle of said Main Road ) a sufficient distance to induce Eighty acres of land including the twenty acres heretofore deeded to him by a line running from said Main Road to the westerly bounds of my said farm parallel with the south line of said farm

Should either of my two said sons Charles or Lewis depart this life before my death then and hereby and devise to their heirs to them and their heirs forever all & singular the lands tenements goods and chattels which my said sons Charles and Lewis would or might have inherited Should they have survived my death and further

I do will and bequeath unto my said son Charles all the Blacksmith tools which he is now in possession

Also I do further will and bequeath to my said son Lewis all my farming utensils and further it is my will and I do hereby order and direct accordingly that my said sons Charles & Lewis in consideration of the devices and bequests to them hereby made do pay all my just debts each an equal proportion-

Item I give and bequeath unto my youngest daughter Frances Two hundred and fifty dollars

Item I give and bequeath unto Jacob Sears Peter Sears & Frances McHone Children of my daughter Rachel now deceased two hundred and fifty dollars to be equally divided between them share and share alike which said Legacies shall be paid in one year after this my last will and testament shall take effect

Item I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Frances Jacob Sears Peter Sears & Frances McHone all my movable property which shall not be herein otherwise disposed of to be divided in two equal parts the said Frances to have one part and the said Jacob Sears Peter Sears & Frances McHone to have the other to be equally divided between them

It is also my will that all the Legacies which are hereby directed to be paid unto my said daughter Frances and to Jacob Sears Peter Sears & Frances McHone shall be paid by my two sons Charles & Lewis in proportion to the number of acres of Land which shall fall to each that is to say the one who has the greatest number of acres shall pay the greatest part of said Legacies-

And finally I do appoint my two sons Charles & Lewis and also my two sons in Law John Sears and Alexander Kidd Junior Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal my this twenty ninth day of June one thousand and eight hundred and twenty one...

he following info came from a message by Kevin Elliott. It was one that he forwarded to me from previous correspondence about the Lewis and Jacob Bodines:

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The two Jacob Bodines, Senior and Junior.

Jacob Bodine, Sr: This J.B. was born 23 May 1742, was a Revolutionary War veteran, and died on 27 Nov., 1824. His wife was Elizabeth Newkirk, from Rensalaer, NY. They had at least two daughters and two sons: Lewis I. and Charles.

Discussion: His will, made 1821, clearly refers to his children. The 1790 Census lists J.B., Sr. and J.B., Jr. Also, the will of Jan Newkirk mentions him as his son-in-law, Jacob Bordine.

Jacob Bodine, Junior: This J.B. was b. on 7 June 1754, to Peter Bodine and Maria Buckstober. He died intestate in July of 1809 leaving his widow Elizabeth.

Discussion: His wife was also named Elizabeth (not Newkirk). Baptism is clearly stated in Brick Ch. transcript. In the 1790 Census as J.B., Jr. Elizabeth was named executrix of his estate, 1809. He was younger than J.B. Sr. and therefore known as Jr. (not a son).

Here is some information I got and edited from Wayne German (gmwinc at He said that his original immigrant ancestor was Jost (Joost, Joseph) German b. 1726 in Hannover Germany. Wayne did not know yet when Jost actually came to America, but he is shown on the tax rolls in Orange County and other counties, in 1750. He married Anna Catherina Newkirk, probably ca 1750. He has not yet positively determined who her father was. Neither does he have a definite birth date for her. There were several Anna Catherina Newkirk women in the early 1700s. Wayne said, "I tend to believe she may be Anna Newkirk b. 1726. She could also be Anna Newkirk b. ca1732. He thinks these two Annas probably were first cousins."

Wayne said, "I tend to believe that Anna Maria (Newkirk) German and your Elizabeth Newkirk were sisters, children of Johannes Newkirk and Geertje Klaarwater. If this is correct, then your Jacob Bodine and my Jost German were brother-in-laws. Jost German came from Hannover Germany, and was affiliated with the German Reformed Church of Hannover. He was naturalized in Ulster County, NY on 18 Oct 1774. He served in the New York Malitia during the Revolutionary War, and recieved Land Bounties for this service. He lived his entire life in Montgomery, and died on 17 Dec 1790 in Montgomery. He is burried in the Dutch Reformed Churchyard in Montgomery. The birth and death dates were taken from his Tombstone, as well as the name of his wife, Anna Catherina. She is buried with him. They both died in 1790.

Information above from Wayne German (waynegerman at

From Ronny Bodine (Jan. 18, 2021):

Eager, Samuel W.. An outline history of Orange County : with an enumeration of the names of its towns, villages, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, mountains, hills and other known localities, and their etymologies or historical reasons therefor : together with local traditions and short biographical sketches of early settlers, etc.. Newburgh N.Y.: S.T. Callahan, 1846-1847.
p. 265, the Bodines were Huguenots. "Some of these individuals we find on the town record as early as 1768:--the families had, no doubt, been there twenty years or more before that time.
1683-- the Province of New York established its first twelve counties, among which were Orange and Ulster County. The territory embraced in the present town of Montgomery was originally covered by Shawangunk Precinct in which relation it remained until 17 Dec 1743 when it was constituted a part of Wallkill Precinct.
1743, 17 Dec-- Shawangunk Precinct and Wallkill Precinct are organized.
1772, 24 March-- Wallkill Precinct was divided into the Precincts of Wallkill and Hanover.
1782--The inhabitants of Hanover Precinct obtained approval to rename the precinct Montgomery.
1788, 7 March--All precincts become towns--Montgomery, Newburgh, New Windsor, New Marlborough, Shawangunk and Wallkill.
1798, 5 April--the towns of New Windsor, Newburgh, Montgomery, Deer Park and Wallkill are annexed to Orange County.
p. 271-272. Jacob Bodine, as well as Peter Bodine and William Bodine, appear on the Montgomery town record from 1768 to 1778.

From The history of Ulster County, New York, by Alphonse T. Clearwater, Kingston, NY, 1907.
p. 115. Return of the Second Regiment of the Militia of the County of Ulster, 1773.
10th Company under Capt. David Galatian: Jacob Bodine, Ensign.

From Baptisms of the Brick Reformed Church, Montgomery, Orange County, New York.
Elisabeth, bapt. 22 Oct 1734 to Johannes Nieukirk & Geestje Klaarwater.
Sponsors: Michael Krans, Elisabeth Klaarwater

Margriet, bapt. 1 May 1762 to Frederick Gimberg & Maria Bodin.
Sponsors: Jacob Bodin, Margriet Graham

Deed of 14 Sept 1771 from Thomas Clyneman of the precinct of Wall Kill in the county of Ulster to JACOB BODINE, of the same place, for 179 Pounds, sells 62 acres in the precinct of Wall Kill. Recorded 10 March 1787 in Ulster County Deed Book KK, pp. 278-283.

The will of Johannis Newkirk of the Wall Kill, yeoman, was written 5 Oct 1771 and therein named sons Hendrick Newkirk, Adam Newkirk, Jacob Newkirk, Johnnis Newkirk; daughters "Daughter Elezabeth now married to Jacob Bordine," Rachel married to Stavannis Christ, and Ann Mree. Executors are sons Hendrick and Johannis Newkirk. The will was proved 7 Feb 1777. [Ulster County Book of Deeds, vol. 7 [1770-1780], pp. 141-142]

It should be noted that whereas John Newkirk's daughter Elizabeth married Jacob Bodine, his son John (1739-1820) married Susannah Bodine, Jacob's sister, and a third son, Adam married Magdalena Kimbergh and were the parents of John Newkirk (born 1764), whose sponsors were his paternal grandparents, and who married Catharine Bodine (1778-1823), daughter of Peter Bodine.

JACOB BODINE appears on tax assessment lists from 1799 to 1802 for Montgomery, Orange County. In 1799 he is taxed on real estate valued at $2937 and personal property of $173. From 1800 to 1802 he is listed as Jacob Bodine Senr, alongside his son Lewis Bodine.

The will of JACOB BODINE of Montgomery, Orange County was written 9 June 1821 and therein named his sons as Charles, the eldest and Lewis, the youngest; daughter Rachel, deceased, and her children Jacob Sears, Peter Sears and Francis McHone, youngest daughter Francis [sic]. Executors were sons Charles and Lewis and sons-in-law John Sears and Alexander Kidd Junior. The will was proved 20 May 1826. [Orange County Wills, vol. H [1824-1829], pp. 148-151]

None of his four children appear in the baptismal records of the Brick Reformed Church.

Burials in the Brick Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange County.
In memory of JACOB BODINE who died Nov. 24, 1824 aged 82 yrs. 6 mo. 14 dys [= birth date of 13 May 1742]
In memory of ELIZABETH NEWKIRK, wife of Jacob Bodine who died the 21st of March 1812 aged 77 years 7 months and 28 days. [= birth date of 24 July 1734]