Notes for: Francis (Francois) Bodine

He was probably born between 1690 and 1699. He was mentioned in his brother John's will before he left for sea in 1707. Most likely he was named for his maternal grandfather Francis Bridon. About 1717/1718, he married Maria Dey; although, there appear to be uncertainties concerning this marriage (Sinnott, p. 164). He remained on Staten Island until at least 1736. In 1726, he was charged with an offence against the king. Rather than contend against the king, he "confessed judgment and submitted to a fine" (Richmond County Court Records). On March 7, 1736, he witnessed to a deed at Charles Neck (Richmond County Deeds, Book D, p. 131). He then disappears from the records on Staten Island. He probably had moved to Cranbury, Middlesex County, New Jersey with his sons, Francis and Vincent, where he died. This information comes from the Mary Sinnott book, page 163. He may have had more children than those given below.

I don't know the source, but he may have lived near John Lisk in 1730.

From Ronny Bodine (June 2017):

Francis Bodine was born 1690-1699. Since it is uncertain when his parents immigrated to America, he may have been born in England or in the Province of East Jersey or New York. On the Staten Island census of 1706 (1708) he is listed as a boy under the age of 16 years. About 1717-1718 he married Maria (Mary) Dey, daughter of James Hans and Mary (Molenaar) Dey, their first known child being baptized in 1719. By the will of her father of 22 Oct 1744, Mary was heiress to one-quarter of his estate. The will was proved 26 November 1745 (Middlesex Co., NJ Wills, D: 348).

On 14 April 1723, Francis and Maria were witnesses to the baptism of John, son of Maria's sister, Lydia, and her husband Samuel Kierstede, at the Dutch Reformed Church of Port Richmond. On 19 April 1724, they witnessed another baptism there, of John, son of Thomas and Lena (Dupuy) Greegs. On 7 March 1727, Francis Bodine was brought before the Richmond County Court in the case of "The King agt. Francis Buddine." He was charged with assault, "...and rather than contend with the King, confessed the Indictment and submitted himself to a fine." The fine amounted to the rather substantial sum of twenty pounds (Richmond Co. Common Pleas, A: 123). On 5 Sept 1728, in the case of Thomas Long representing Phillip Vicker (?) against John Buddine, Francis Buddine favored the defendant. Since Francis's brother John was already deceased, the John Bodine was undoubtedly his stepfather (Richmond Co. Common Pleas, A: 155-156).

On 28 March 1730, Francis Buddin/Fransois Boden was appointed surveyor of roads for the North Precinct of Richmond County. He was still holding this position when referred to in that capacity, in a deed dated 19 April 1757, when he and Ethan Sayre, described as surveyors of the King's Road in the North Division of Richmond County, there surveyed and laid out a road. The commissioners, Richard Lawrence, Simon Simonson and Christopher Simonson reviewed the road and finding it inconvenient stopped any further construction (Richmond Co. Deeds D: 241). Francis Bodine is last mentioned in the mortgage of Thomas Dongan to Thomas Bayeaux on 7 October 1758. (Richmond County Mortgages, A, 15-16, recorded 2 May 1759)

Francis Bodine further appears in several indebtedness suits in Richmond County between 1731 and 1736 (Richmond Co. Common Pleas, 1711-1745). On 7 March 1737, Francis Bodine served as a witness to a deed, from his stepfather and mother, John and Hester Bodine, to Joseph Bedle, for land at Charles Neck, signing the deed as "Fransois Boden" (Richmond Deeds, D: 131). Sinnott in her "Annals...", p. 164, presumes Francis Bodine removed to Cranbury, Middlesex County, New Jersey with his sons Francis and Vincent. This may well be, though it would have been at a much later date than she has implied. The complete absence of any type of estate settlement in either New York or New Jersey makes it impossible to determine any date of death. As such, one can only state with any degree of certainty that it occurred at some unknown time after October 1758 when he was still known to be living.