Notes for: Esther (Hester) Bodine

Her birth and place of birth are unknown; however, it is known she was not of age when her father's will was written in December of 1702. Her name may have been Hester. She is mentioned in her brother John's will of 1707. She is not listed in the 1707 Census of Staten Island.

From Ronny Bodine (June 2017):

As Ester Burdine she was named in the 1707 will of her brother John. She was married to John Casson, both first named in a deed of 2 February 1736/7 and being described as residents of Richmond County. The deed refers to them as heirs at law of Francis Bridon, of Richmond County, and transfers to them title to a certain house and 10 acres of land, formerly in the possession of Francis Bridon and now in the occupation of John Bodine, also of Richmond County (Richmond County Deeds, D, 104-105). John Casson had served as executor of the will of Susannah Bridon, widow of Francis, on 5 December 1724 (New York Wills, x, 5). The will of John Casson, of Richmond County, dated 4 January 1737 was proved 6 February 1738 and therein names his wife Esther, leaving her a dowery of 100 and makes bequests to a nephew and 2 nieces, but makes no references to any children (New York Wills, xiii, 150).