Notes for: Marianne (Marie Anne) Bodine

She is named in her brother John's will of 1707. For a reference to her marriage, see "NY French Church, Published Huguenot Collection, v. 1, p. 137. There are questions about the traditional date and place of her birth. Some say she was born in Rye, Sussex, England, but the parish registers did not record birth dates and neither are there any baptisms of Bodines there during this time period (1680).

On June 18, 1724, she offered a petition relative to the will and belongings of her brother, John Bodine. She declared that her part of the belongings "is unjustly detained by her uncle, Dennis Rushé, of New York, shipwright" (English Manuscripts, 486).

From Ronny Bodine (June 2017):

She was named in the will of her brother John in 1707 as Mary Burdine. On 6 May 1716, Jean Ablin and Marie Anne Bodin witnessed the baptism of Jean Masse, son of Daniel and Ester Masse at the French Church of New York. Within the next two years Jean Abelin and Marianna Bodine had married, for the registers of the French Church of New York record the baptism of their child, Jean, on 9 August 1719. The baptism was witnessed by Vinsant Bodin and Susane Riches, that is, Vincent Bodine, Marianna's brother, and Susanna Rushe, her maternal aunt. The church records reflect the baptisms of two other children: Ester, on 30 August 1721 and Isaac on 23 October 1722. Witnesses to the baptism of Ester were Denis Rushe, husband of Susanna, and Helen Bodine, the wife of Vincent. Jean Abelin died before 18 June 1724, when Marianna Abelin is referred to as a widow, and offered a petition relative to the will and effects of her brother Jean Bodine, whose will was proven that date. Therein she declared that her portion of the latter's estate was being "unjustly detained by her uncle Dennis Rushe of New York, shipwright." Marianna and her uncle must have resolved their differences as on 25 March 1733, 'Mr. Denys Riche and Made. Mariane Ablain" served as witnesses to the baptism of Vincent Bodin, son of "Mr. Vincent Bodin and his wife, Helene Smith," at the French Church of New York. The last reference to Marianna was in a document dated 28 September 1743, in which "John Bodine should pay or cause to be paid unto Mary Ann Ablin of the City of New York, widow, the sum of Seven pounds current money of New York." (New York Deeds, D, 104-105).

a. Jean Abelin, baptised 9 August 1719, French Church of New York.
[John Abline, master of privateer brig "Catharine and Edy," of New York City, killed
11 Feb 1748 in action with a French ship. The New York Weekly Post-Boy, 21 Mar 1748.]
b. Esther Abelin, baptised 30 August 1721, French Church of New York.
c. Isaac Abelin, baptised 23 October 1722, French Church of New York.