Notes for: Holly Frances ("Nancy") Bodine

Recently obtained information from the 1860 Census of Orange County, Texas indicates that Holly changed her name between 1850 and 1860. It now appears certain that she is the Nancy Bodine that married James Sanders in San Augustine on the date shown. Her name appeared on the 1860 Census of Orange County as Nancy H. Bodine. It had been previously thought that either Nancy Gunnels Bodine or Nancy Bodine, an extremely young daughter of OHP Bodine Sr., had married James Sanders, but it is now known that Nancy H. was the bride.

From: Pat Naquin [patnaquin at]
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009
Cc: Martha Cornelius
Subject: Bodine information

Dave I have read your web sie on the Bodine family. I have copied Martha Cornelius on this e-mail as she and I are "cousins" in search of answers. Our connection to the Bodine family is definately with the English side and possibly the Sanders line - I have a copy of the story written by Mary Louisa English Phillips. Also - I was in contact with Harold Solomon prior to his death. Martha and my grandfather was George Sanders. Married to Rachel Rigdon - father of James Barter Sanders and Mary Elizabeth Sanders. Mary Louisa refers to a George Sanders being son of Holley Francis Bodine and James Sanders. Harold was of the belief that this George was the same as my George however dobs were different - Holley's son George was born around 1865 if Mary Louisa's story is correct and our George was born around 1856 if our info is correct. We have hit a brick wall with our George - as he was a gambler and was killed in 1885 over a card game. Our Sanders group was in Leon County for a while. Our Rachel married a John Willingham after death of George. Another odd thing is that we had a male descendent do the dna test for the Sanders study and currently he has not matched with any one with the last name of Sanders. We notice that you do not have any reference to George Sanders (son of James and Holley) on your web site. I also don't know how Harold determined that the George Sanders (son of James and Holley) was married to Rachel Rigdon - as shown in his research. Any comments would be extremely helpful. thanks, Pat Naquin (granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Sanders English and Will English) Martha Cornelius (granddaughter of James Barter Sanders.