Notes for: William Round ("Ira") Bodine

I'm guessing that the William (W?) Bodine mentioned in the 1880 Census and the Ira Bodine mentioned in the 1900 Census must be the same person. They were both born about 1876. In the 1900 Census, his mother is said to have had ten children, with nine still living. If we count William and Ira separately, that would give her eleven children.

Note from V. Vinzant (Nov 2005): Based on the 1880 and 1900 census, it appears that William W Bodine of the 1880 census is Ira Bodine of the 1900 census and Anna Bodine of the 1880 census is Hannah Bodine of the 1910 census and they have been entered accordingly.

From Ronny Bodine:

He was William W. Bodine, age 4 in 1880 and Ira Bodine, born Feb 1877, living with his parents in Hunter, Edgar County, Illinois. On 9 Sept 1918, William Round Bodine registered for the World War 1 draft in Edgar County. He reported he was born 15 Feb 1877, worked as a farm laborer, and his wife, Daisy D. Bodine, was his next of kin. In Jan 1920, Ira and Daisy Bodine lived in Hunter, Edgar County where Ira worked as a house painter. By April 1930, Daisy was married to Thomas M. McNorton with whom she was living in Detroit, Michigan. Her son, Paul Bodine, and his wife lived with them. Daisy (Helt) Bodine was the daughter of Henry E. and Ariel (Southard) Helt.