Notes for: Catherine Bodine

There were no witnesses named at Catherine's baptism. I am going to guess that this is the Catherine who married Henry Perslo / Berslo at Kingston DRC. It is only a guess and would need proof before one should go too far with this. Catherine and Henry had children baptized at that church between 1790 and 1804. They were married there a little after January 12, 1789. The only problem I see with this is that the name "Francis" is missing from their children. The records should be double-checked for this.

Darcie said that there is information in the Kingston records that Henry Parslow and his wife Catherine received land and other considerations from the trustees of the town for the "maintenance" of Francis Bodine, and that Francis probably lived with them in his old age. This would be some more circumstantial evidence that Catherine's father was (a) Francis Bodine.

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Here are the two census files. Francis was a neighbor of Henry Parslow (“Perslow”), who Francis' daughter Catherine married.

Also I ran into something yesterday on “Francis Bedine” that possibly indicated Revolutionary War service. Have to go back to the library to get it off of I will send that as well if it pans out.

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From Ronny Bodine:

From Old Dutch Church at Kingston, Ulster County, New York Marriages:
12 Jan 1789: Henri Berslo junior and Catharine Baudin, both parties born and under the jurdisdiction of Kingston.