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In the 1850 Census of Genesee Co., MI, there is a only one William Bodine listed, a William "J." Bodine, age 7. Some other information seems to indicate that Abraham had two sons named William, but I think that was just a mistake. Unless further information comes to light, I think we can assume that William Tunis Bodine was the only one names William.

In that 1850 Census, there is also a William Bodine, age 7, living with Joseph and Huldah Trumball. She may be 56. These could be Philenda's parents. I'm not sure who William is, maybe their grandson.

From looking at the 1870 and 1889 Censuses, it looks like William had two wives. I am guessing that his second wife, Delilah, was the mother of their daughter Bernis. However, that is only a guess.

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Hi Dave, I really don't have much - my uncle John L. Bodine wrote down a few things for me a long time ago. He listed his father William Ira, as having 2 siblings, Mary (married James Matlock brother of William Ira's wife- Mary Maybell Matlock), and Charles (he died in Springfield, MO sometime before 1950 I think. I'll ask my sister and cousin). I have never heard of Frederick and Uncle John didn't mention him. Maybe he died young ? John said that Clarissa (aka Sarah) Williams was French Canadian. He said George's brothers were Henry, Ambrose, and William. Thier father was Abram and an "English girl", Trumbull. John said that George W. and his brothers each homesteaded 600 acres in Mich. George subsequently sold his land to his brothers to become a captain on the lake ships. John said Abram's people came from Holland to Wm. Penn's colony about 1710. That's all I have earlier than great grandfather George.


From Ronny Bodine:

Genesee County, Michigan marriage records reflect the 1864 marriage of William T. Bodine to Eliza Cushman. His wife is named Eliza in the censuses of 1870, 1900 and 1910. But in 1880, she is called Delilah. As both wives were born 1843/4 in New York and daughters Helen and Nellie named their mother as Eliza Cushman at the time they married and as William Bodine reported in 1900 he had been married to Eliza 37 years (though the census taker recorded 27 years for Eliza) it seems evident that William Bodine was married only once, that perhaps Eliza's full name was Delilah Elizabeth or Elizabeth Delilah Bodine.

William and Eliza Bodine lived with their 1-year old daughter Helen 1870 in Genesee, Genesee County, Michigan where William worked as a farm laborer and 1880 in Maple Grove, Saginaw County, Michigan engaged in farming. His family in 1880 included daughters Helen 11 and Bernis 4. In June 1900, the family still lived in Maple Grove when William reported he and Eliza had been married 27 years during which time Eliza had borne 2 children, both living. In April 1910, he reported the same.

History of Genesee County, Michigan, by Edwin O. Wood, Indianapolis: Federal Publishing Company, 1916, Vol. 2, p. 830-831 - b. May 29, 1842. The Bible record says May 27 or 29, 1843.

From Michigan Death Records:
Eliza M. Bodine, born 27 Dec 1842 in NY, dau. of Hiram & Mary (Stewart) Cushman, died 5 April 1916 in Chesaning, Saginaw County, buried in Chesaning.
William T. Bodine, born 29 May 1845 in Michigan to Abram and Phlindra Bodine, died 19 Jan 1918 in Hazelton, Shiawassee County, buried in Chesaning, Saginaw County.