Notes for: Cornelius Bodine

Information on this Cornelius Bodine comes from Sinnott, page 158 and also from "History of the West Branch Valley," page 522. I have based the birth years for their children on the one birth year I had, about 1820, for Cornelius (from All the other birth years are guesses based on the birth order in the above references.

This must be the Cornelius Bodine who is found in the 1820 Census of Reading, Steuben (now Schuyler) Co., NY. In his household are the following:

1 male under 10: This would probably be Lewis.
1 male 26-45: This would be Cornelius who was about 33.
3 females under 10: These would probably be Mary, Margaret, and Jane.
1 female 26-45: This would be his wife Mary Towne.

From Ronny Bodine (Dec. 24, 2021):

From New York Federal Census Records:
1820 Reading, Steuben Co.: Cornelius BODINE males 1(0-10), 1(45-), females 1(26-45).

1830 Barrington, Yates Co.: Cornelius BERDINE males 2(5-9), 1(15-19), 1(40-49); females 2(10-14), 1(15-19), 1(30-39).

1840 Orange, Steuben Co.: Cornelius BODINE males 1(15-19), 1(50-59); females 1(5-9), 1(10-14), 1(40-49).

1860 (8 Aug) Reading, Schuyler Co.: Lewis BODINE 39 NY Day Laborer, Mary 11 NY, Charles 9 NY, Cornelius 73 PA Carpenter Joiner, Mary A. 61 NY.

1870 (11 June) Hector, Schuyler Co.: James G. HOPKINS 62 RI Shoemaker, Margaret C. 54 NY, Rufus 20 NY Farm Laborer, Emma 18 NY Teaching School, Frank 16 NY Farm Laborer, Ophelia 14 NY, Mary BODINE 73 Canada Boarding.

From Yates County, New York Deed Books:
3: 177. Deed of 14 April 1827 from Nathaniel Heusen & Betsy, his wife, to Cornelius Bodine, all of Starkey, Yates County. 93 1/4 acres for $298. Recorded 6 Oct 1827.

5: 264. Deed of 20 Aug 1830 from Cornelius Bodine & Mary, his wife, of Barrington, Yates County to John C. Bodine of Tyrone, Steuben County. 93 1/4 acres for $1100. Recorded 21 Aug 1830.

10: 92. Deed of 9 Jan 1835 from John C. Bodine & Elizabeth, his wife, of Tyrone, Steuben County to Cornelius Bodine, of Barrington, Yates County. 93 1/4 acres for $1100. Recorded 20 Feb 1835.

The children and grandchildren of Cornelius and Mary Bodine are recounted in E. P. Bodine's History of the Branch of the Bodine Family Founded by Cornelius Bodine, Lodi, 1897, p. 17-18 as follows:
1. Mary Ann Stewart: Wilmer, Cornelius, Emily.
2. Margaret Hopkins: Mary, Charles H., Sarah, Elizabeth, Herman H., William, Rufus A., Emma G., Frank C., Ophelia.
3. Jane Louisa: child, Rolina, George.
4. Lewis Bodine: child, Mary, Charles, George, Margaret, Janie.
5. Cornelius Bodine: child, Eliza Robson
6. George Bodine: child, Frances M., Ida M.
7. Elizabeth French: child, Earl, George.