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This is the Phillip Boide's great-grandmother. The following message came from his wife, Mary:

Subject: Calidonia Bodine info

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 09:33:52 -0800

From: Phillip Boide


Calidonia Bodine can be found in the 1860 census with her father Isaac,mother Ann G (Gilley) siblings Jane,James,Elanora in Dunklin County Missouri. In the 1870 census she is married to William Rainy (Rainey,Raney). Also listed in 1870 census is her father Isaac, mother Gilley, sisters Jane & Elnora. Also close by is her brother James married to Nancy. Calidonia (Caldoney, Caldonia, Clendona) and William Rainey had three sons: John W. Rainey (b 1872 Mo.), James A. Rainey (b 1877), Thomas A.Rainey (b 1880).

By the time the 1880 census rolled around. William Rainey had died (listed in 1880 Mortality Schedule (exact date unknown). This is where our family comes in. Also, listed in that same mortality schedule, is an Emily K. Boide (Boyd). Everything seemed to happen in a short period of time. Calidonia married John K. (J K) Boide (Boyd) May 10,1880. (We have a copy of their marriage license, if thats what you want to call it, it looks more like a registration for Marriage, but thats what they gave us in Dunklin County, Mo.)

In the 1880 census Calidonia Boide is listed with her husband John K., his sons James W, John W., daughter Margaret L. Boide and her sons: John W., James A., Thomas A. Rainey. In 1886 they had a son named Joseph Boide born May 16, 1886 (My husband's grandfather). According to my husband's Aunt John K. Boide (Boyd) was born May 16, 1838 in Tennessee and died May 30, 1895. Calidonia died in 1817 (exact date unknown). As of yet we have not located where they are buried or their Death Records only that they died in Dunklin County, Mo. We do know that Calidonia's brother, James V. Bodine, is buried in Stanfield Cemetery, Clarkton, Mo.(Dunklin County) died Oct 17,1907. We have a picture of the tombstone, with an inscription that says I Rest Wis Gav. There is another tombstone nearby that is destroyed and practically unreadable, the only name we can see for sure is Bodine and if you look at it in the right angle Possibly Sarah. Well, this is all I can tell you for right now. If you run into any information on John K. Boide (Boyd) in your search, we would appreciate anything you can tell us. He was also born in Tennessee, but where, we don't know. We have a sneaking suspicion that the Boides and Raineys may have come from Tennessee together to Missouri. Thanks

Mary Boide

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Subject: James V. Bodine

In the notes page at, you mention that James V. Bodine's gravestone reads "I Rest Wis Gav." I believe this actually reads "First Wis. Cav." After a period of military service for the Confederacy, he joined the First Wisconsin Cavalry during one of its expeditions into Dunklin County, Missouri.

I may have visited the gravestone during a genealogy tour with my grandmother Julia Ann (Bodine) Blankinship in the 1950s when I was still living in Dunklin County... At any rate, I hope to be able to seek it out on a future trip there.

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