Husband: Conrad Pickel
Born: 1726 Baptized: Oct 24 1727 in Bad Durkheim, Pfalz Bayern, Germany Died: 1801 Father: John (Johan) Nicklaus Pickel (1683 - 1751) Mother: Mary Johanna Agatha Clemenz (1694 - 1774)
Wife: Anna (Scharfenstine) Sharp Married: Apr 11 1751
Father: Mother:
M Child 1: Frederick Pickel
F Child 2: Hannah Charity Pickel
F Child 3: Sophia Pickel
M Child 4: George Pickel
M Child 5: Nicholas Pickel
F Child 6: Catherine Pickel
M Child 7: Matthew (Matthias) Pickel
F Child 8: Sarah Pickel
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