Notes for: Twila M. Bodine

From Ronny Bodine:

Twila Bodine, age 11, first appears with Charles Bodine as his daughter in the Jan 1920 census. However, in April 1930, Charles Bodine reported he was first married at the age of 32, thus in 1913. Twila was supposedly the daughter of Charles and his first wife, Margaret Fern, who would have been 16 at her birth, but was not married to Charles until 5 years after Twila's birth. Perhaps Margaret was indeed the mother of Twila, either by an earlier marriage, and Twila was adoped by Charles Bodine or Charles Bodine was the father of Twila and married her mother later. In 1930, Adolph and Twila Holmquist lived in Newark, Licking County, Ohio where Adolph was engaged as a powerplant lineman.

Children: Theodore Jr. (b.1924-d.1927), Donaldeen (1927).