Notes for: Sarah 'Elizabeth' B. Bodine

From Ronny Bodine (May 18, 2020):

Sarah Bodine, age 20, was living 1850 with her parents in Mercer County, but no child named Elizabeth was part of the family. Yet, she is called Elizabeth 'Jernison' in her father's 1867 will. Like her mother, she appears to have been named Sarah Elizabeth.

From Christian Intelligencer of the Dutch Reformed Church of 19 Feb 1857.
Married. At Freehold, N.J. February 4th, by Rev. E. W. Collier, Charles W. Jimeson of New York to Elizabeth B. Bodine of Hightstown, N.J.

1870 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY: Chas. JAMASEN 37 NY commission merchant, Elizabeth 39 NJ, Lillie 12 NY, Joseph 11 NY, Catheren 9 NY, Mamie 7 NY.

1875 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY: Charles JEMISON 43 NJ commission merchant, Ellizath 44 NJ wife, Sarrah 17 NY dau, Joseph 16 NY son, Kate 14 NY dau, Mary 12 NY dau.

1880 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY: Charles W. JIMESON 47 NY fruit commission merchant, Elizabeth 49 NJ wife, Joseph 21 NY son, Kate B. 19 NY dau., Mary A. 17 NY dau.

1900 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY: Chas. W. JAMESON April 1832 NJ, Elizabeth Jan 1831 NJ wife, Anna Jan 1862 NY dau, Edwin S. SEARMAN Aug 1857 MS son-in-law, Kate J. Dec 1861 NY dau, Edna Dec 1882 NY gdau, Sarah LEACH Feb 1858 NY dau, Elizabeth Aug 1890 WA gdau, George Aug 1897 NY gson. Charles & Elizabeth were married 43 years. Elizabeth bore 5 children of whom 4 are still living.

From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Sat. 21 Nov 1903.
DIED. JIMESON---On Friday, November 20, 1903, A. Mary Jimeson, daughter of Charles W. and Elizabeth B. Jimeson.

Obituary, Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle of Fri., 22 Jan 1904:
JIMESON--On Thursday, January 21, 1904, Charles Wesley Jimeson, husband of Elizabeth B. Jimeson. Notice of funeral hereafter.

From New York City Death Records: Charles W. Jimeson, 72, died 21 January 1904 in Kings County.

From Kings County, New York Will Book 324, p. 144-147.
Will of Charles W. Jimeson of the City of Brooklyn of 3 July 1882 names wife Elizabeth B., daughters Sarah Elizabeth, Kate B. D. and Anna Mary; son Joseph H. Executors are wife and son. Witnesses are Perry Jones, Thomas P. Wallace and Hugh Hutchson. Probate notes he died 21 Jan 1904. Abijah E. Bodine of Brooklyn deposes on 1 March 1904 that he recognizes the handwriting of Hugh Hutchson, one of the subscribing witnesses, now deceased. [Note: Abijah is Elizabeth's brother.]

1910 Manhattan, New York Co., NY: George A. LEECH 56 IA surgeon-steamship, Sarah 52 NY wife, Elizabeth 19 DC dau, George J. 12 NY, Elizabeth B. JIMESON 80 NJ mother-in-law widow. George & Mary Leech married 30 years, 3 children born/2 living. Elizabeth Jimeson bore 5 children/3 living.

1915 NYC, NY: Geo. LEECH 61 physician, Sara 55 wife, Elizabeth 21 dau, Geo. J. 17 son, Elizabeth JIMESON 85 mother-in-law.

1920 Manhattan, New York Co., NY: George LEECH 65, Sarah E. 60 NY wife, Elizabeth 29 WA dau, Geo. J. 22 Brooklyn son, Elizabeth B. JIMISON 90 NY widow.

From New York City Death Records: Elizabeth Jameson, 91, died 20 May 1921 in Manhattan.