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Notes from the Huguenot Society Library in London

In February of 2004, I traveled to the Huguenot Society Library in London, England to do some research on the Bodine family. I have put my notes from that research in four sections below. Their library is part of the Special Collections Section of University College. It is located, for now, at 140 Hampstead Road near downtown London. The nearest subway station is Warren Street. Hampstead Road is an extension of Tottenham Court Road. Warren Street Station is situated on the northern corner of Tottenham Court Road. Cross Euston Road by means of three traffic lights and you will be at Hampstead Road. Proceed north. After about a ten minute walk you will see a BP service station on the right hand side of the road. The building the library is housed in is next to this service station. The library's hours are 10 AM until 4 PM on Mondays through Wednesdays, by appointment only. There is a fee of £7.50 per visit. Check the Huguenot Library web site for more info on location and how to contact them.

1. "Bodines" mentioned in the Quarto Series | 2. "Bodines" mentioned in the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society | 3. "Bodines" in Sandwich, England | 4. Miscellaneous Research

1. "Bodines" mentioned in the Quarto Series

The main resource I researched at the Huguenot Library was their books called the "Quarto Series." There are fifty-nine volumes of this which were published during the late 1800's and early 1900's. A lot of these have been microfilmed, but not all of them. If I found a microfilm number for them from the Family History Library, I put this in parentheses below. I looked up Bodin (and Bridon) and its other major spellings in the main index (on microfiche) and then looked these references up in the volumes to see if there was anything of interest. Here below is what I found. If I was sure of the French translation into English, I would put it. If not, I left the French.

Volume 2: Les Actes des Colloques des Églises Françaises et des Synodes des Églises Étrangeres réfugiées en Angleterre 1581-1654 (#0962134), edited by Adrian Charles Chamier. Lymington: Charles T. King (1890, 125 pp.).

- Colloque XIII, #15 (London 1596). Representatives were present from the churches at Norwich, Canterbury, and London.

On donnera conseil a la femme de Jean Baudin d'aller en Holande, pour prouver l'adultere incestueus de son Mari devant le Magistrat du lieu, auquel il est, et se servir du benefice des Lois du dit pais, pour raisons peremptoires.

This came from a Manuscript called "Livres de Colloques" which is the possession of the French Church in London. It is actually a copy of the original made in the latter half of the 16th century. I'm not sure if these are abstracts or if there is more info in the actual Manuscript. This may be all there is.

Volume 3: The Registers of the Protestant Reformed Church at Guisnes, France 1668-1685 (#0086957). These include baptisms, deaths, and marriages. This is in Calais. The town of Andre is nearby.

3:66 - a Bodin.

3:93 - a Bodin.

3:100 - a Bodin.

3:107 Matton, Marie daughter of Isaac and Jeanne de Béevre, baptized on August 11, 1675. Paternal witness: Jean Bodin. Maternal witness: Marie D'hoy. Born at Andre on July 31.

3:132 GUY, Eve daughter of Jean and Marie Boussemart, baptized on January 17, 1677. Pat. Wit: Pierre Morillion. Mat. Wit: Jeanne Boidin. Born at Andre on the 3rd.

3:136 On March 28, 1677 a esté beny the marriage of Jean Hurel, merchant, age 38, son of defft Jean and of deffte Elizabeth Boidin, nat. of Fleurbay au pays de Lalleu and demt a Guînes, asissted by Henry and Guillaume Hurel, his brothers; And Elizabeth de le Becque, age 40, widow of feu Pierre de Lannoy demte also at Guînes, assisted by Pierre du gardin, and Marie Ris his wife, her good friends.

3:178 Boidin, Pierrre, young man, from pays de Lalleu, age 24 years, died at Guînes on April 4, 1679.

3:196 On April 14, 1680 the marriage of Henry Hurel, brasseur, age 42, son of the late Jean Hurel and of deffte Elizabeth Boidin, nat. of Fleurbay in pays de Laleu and demt à la b. v. de Calais, assisted by Jean and Guillaume Hurel, his brothers; and Madelaine Hibon, age 30, daughter of the late Pierre and of deffte Madelaine Vandebroucq, native of Guînes and y demte, assisted by Pierre and Abraham Hibon, her brothers.

3:197 GUY, Jean, son of Jean and Marie Boussemard, bap. on May 1, 1680. Pat. Wit: Jean Boidin. Mat. Wit: Suzanne de Ponchel. Born at Andre on April 24. Led. enfant est decedé agé de 8 jours.

3:268 HUREL, Jean, son of Henry and Madeleine Hibon, bap. on Nov. 5, 1684. Pat. Wit: Matthias Boidin. Mat. Wit: Marie de Lengaigne, wife of Guillaumen Hurel. Born at Guînes on Oct. 29.


Volume 4: Registre de l'Église Wallonne de Southampton [Hampshire, England] (#0962134).

From what I could see in these registers, the Bodines were not a part of this church. At least, I did not see anyone with a similar name in the index.

Volume 5: The Registers of the Walloon or Strangers' Church in Canterbury [Kent, England], Parts 1-3 (#'s 0086956 & 0086957), edited by Robert Hovenden. Lymington: Charles T. King (1891).

- Bodin: 15, 16, 19, 20, 292, 48, 51, 72, 85, 240, 485.

- Boidin: 735.

- Baudin: 698, 702, 703.

- Baudon: 96.

- Bauduin: 138, 140, 142, 297 (I don't think I looked these up.)

- Baundain: 308 (I don't think I looked this up.)

Baptisms 1590-1591

5:15 - Jan. 24 (Sunday): Judith, daughter of Jehan de Lobeau. Wit: Isay de Lobeau, Phillippes Bodin, Antoinette Beluet, wife of Arnout Pollet, Judith de Jardin.

5:16 - Mar. 14 (Sunday): Philippe, son of Jeahn Philipot. Wit: Nicolas le Houc, Daniel Martin, Eleine Bodin, Marie de le Beque.

Baptisms 1591

5:19 - Nov. 21 (Sunday): Marie, daughter of Leonard Messeman. Wit: Jehan Messeman, the elder; Guillaume Messema[n], the younger; Elene Bodin, Isabeau Messman.

Baptisms 1591-1592

5:20 - Mar. 12 (Sunday): Philippe, son of Jehan Patin. Wit: Philippe Bodin, Jehan des Rouseaux, Elaine, femme du dz Bodin; Elaine, widow of Math. Herbome.

Note: I think this says, "Elaine, wife of the said Bodin" meaning that she is Philippe Bodin's wife.

Baptisms 1593

5:29 - Nov. 25: Susane, daughter of Isaie de Lobeau. Wit: Daniel Mastelin, Paul le Pipre, Catherine wife of Robert Foulon; Elaine Obro[ ], qui a esté femme de Philippe Bodin.

5:29 - Dec. 26: Esther, daughter of Jan Terrien (or Terrieu). Wit: Jaques de Leu, Jan Feré, Elaine Bodin, Loyse Senerpon.

Baptisms 1597-1598

5:48 - Mar. 19: Jaques, son of Jan le Lobeau. Wit: Toussain Preudh[omm]e, Henry Dudman, Elaine, wife of Philippe Bodin; the wife of Anthoine Gambye.

Note: I think this shows, again, that Elaine is the wife of Philippe.

Baptisms 1589-1599

5:51 - Mar. 11: Jaques, son of Jehan de Lobeau. Wit: Charles Loridan, Jehan de Lespau, Elaine Bodin, the wife of Tobie Beluet.

Baptisms 1604-1605

5:72 - Feb. 17: Elizabeth, daughter of Bastien Gambier. Wit: Anthoine de Bu, Jaques Trigaut, Robert Trigaut, the wife of Jan Oudart, Elayne, wife of Philippe Bodin.

Baptisms 1609

5:85 - Apr. 23: Job, son of Isaac de la Mer. Wit: Pierre de la Noy, Pierre Dauchin, Jane Cousin, Elaine Bodin.

Baptisms 1662

5:240 - Dec. 21: Daniel, son of Daniel de Vigme and of Marie Bodin, his wife. Wit: Jean de Vigme, Rebecca de Vigme, Eleine Patou.

Marriages 1632*

5:485 - Sep. 9: Jaque Guenin, widower, native of Sanduiis, and Marie Bacle, widow of Jean Bodin, native of Armentieres.

*I had some confusion in my notes on this entry. The year may have been 1662 and not 1632. I need to check this out later on, but I'm pretty sure it was 1632 since I have another reference to this on page 702 below.

Marriage Contracts

Note: I read that there are actual signatures on these in the original records.

5:702 - 1632, July 28: Marriage contract between Jaques Guenin, widower, assisted by Guislain Gallemar, his step-father, Jean Becu [Beccue], his brother-in-law, and David de la Porte, Jaques Ogier, also his brothers-in-law, and Israel Caron, the elder, his uncle; and Marie Bacle, widow of the late Jean Baudin, assisted by Gui Lannoi [Guy de Lannoy], and Daniel Wancourt, her friends. Mention of the five children of the said Jaques which had by Jeanne de le Porte, his first wife, and of Philippe Baudin, son of the said Marie by Jean Baudin, her late husband. Witness, A. Denis (v. iv, No. 55).

Note: Jean Baudin was deceased by now. He was the husband of Marie Bacle. Their son is Philippe Baudin. Marie is marrying a Jaques Guenin. This is a marriage contract.

5:703 - 1632, August 11: Marriage contract between Abraham Monnier, son of the late Sabastien, assisted by Jaques and Jean Monnier, his brothers; and Jeanne Baudin, assisted by Martin Baudin, her father, and Quentin Baudin, her brother. Witness, A. Denis. (Vol. iv., No. 35).

Here are some other references from volume 5, but I don't know which sections of the registers they come from:

5:96 Elie son of Pierre Baudon and Jane Van Stellen. Baptized Feb. 20, 1613/14.

5:698 Jean Baudin, probably unrelated (Oct. 10, 1629). Jean was alive at this time.

5:735 - a Boidin.

Volume 8: Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalization for Aliens in England 1509-1603 (#0824513), edited by William Page (Fellow of the Huguenot Soceity of London). Lymington: Charles T. King (1893).

I did not find any names listed in this that looked like Bodin. The only entry that looked somewhat interesting was the following:

- Betune, John, from the dominion of the King of France. 7 Jan., 1566 (Patent Rolls, 8 Eliz., p. 6. m. 36). There is really no good reason to note this, but I note it here for reference.

Volume 9: Registers of the French Church at Threadneedle Street, London, Part 1 (#962135).

9:33 - Marriage. David Boudin, native of Rouen, and Jenne Du Guair, widow of feu Abrah' Rony, of Liege. Oct. 13, 1636.

9:128 - a Bodin.

9:152 - BODIN, Marie and Martte, two daughters of Daniel B. and Catherine Le Brun, his wife. Feb. 5, 1628.

9:158 - BODIN, Barbe, daughter of Daniel B. and Catherine Le Brun. Bap. January 29, 1629.

9:181 (2) - BOWDIN, Marie, daughter of Ober B., and Michel Joly, his wife. Wit: Jean Bowdin, Marie Bowdin. January 22, 1633.

9:185 - a Bodin.

9:194 - BODIN, Baltazar, son of Pierre B. Bap. Nov. 18, 1634.

9:208 - An Anne Baudien who is probably not related.

9:220 - BODIN, Judic, daugther of Daniel B. and Marie, his wife. August 19, 1638. Wit: Jehan Belo, Judic, wife of Pierre Bodin.

9:222 - a Baudin.

9:226 - a Baudin.

Volume 13: The Registers of the French Church of Threadneedle Street in London, Part 2 (#962136). Lymington: Charles T. King (1899, 428 pp.).

13:6x - Marriage. David Boudin, native of Rouen and Jeane Chanterel, widow of Jonas de la Fontaine, native of Condé in France. Sept. 14, 1642. Annonced Aug. 28.

13:14n, u - Marriage announcement. David Boudin, native of Rouen and Jeanne de Guair, widow of Abraham Rouy, native of Pays de Liege. July 24,1636. Married Oct 13.

The following entry, I think, comes from Les Annonces et les Marriages de l' Eglise Francois de Londres (Registre VII):

13:17 - Bodein, Daniel, filz de feu Daniel, natif de Cambray, et Marie, fille de feu Andre Croisié, native de Valencienne. July 30, 1637.

Note: I think this says, "Daniel Bodein, son of the late Daniel, native of Cambray, and Marie, daughter of the late Andre Croisié, native of Valencienne.

13:47h - Marriage announcement Jacques Taine, native of Cambrai, son of Robert Taine and Julienne de Jennes; and Marie Baudin, native of London, widow of Noel Terri. Feb 11, 1666.

13:79o - Bodin, Marie, daughter of Daniel B and Marie Croisé. Wit: Isaac Deschamps, Noelle Francois. March 21, 1641.

13:83x - a Boudin.

13:90h - Daniel Bodin (sp?) witness at bap 1642.

13:97hh - Bodin, Daniell, son of Daniell B. and Marie Croissiez, his wife. Wit: Tousaint le Joune and Janne Guio. April 7, 1644.

13:147q - Enthoinet Boudin. Baptism of son Antipas, husband is Jaque Durieu. June 14, 1657.

13:152q - a Bodin.

13:157k - TERY, Noé, son of Noé T and Marie, his wife. Wit: Pierre Hardué and Marie Bodin, widow of Daniel Bodin. June 17, 1660.

13:174z - Tierry, Jacques, son of Noe T. and Marye Bodin. Wit: Jacques Tery, Marye Loce. August 21, 1664.

13:191j - Says Marie Boudin, wife of Jaques Tint. (witness at a baptism) in 1669.

13:197o - Tain, Jean, son of Jacques T. and Mari Bodin, his wife. Wit: Jean Craule and Mari Tery. October 30, 1670.

13:208i - Taine, Pierre, son of Jaques T. and Mary Bodin. Wit: Pierre du Hen, and Jeanne Hart, wife of Phillipe Channon. Aug 17, 1673.

13:209o - Baptism in 1673. Marie Boudin, wife of Jaque Tatin.

13:216v - Tain, Marie, daughter of Jaques T. and Marie Bodin, his wife. Wit: Paul Docminique, le jeune, and -----, wife fo Beniamin de Jennes, le jeune. Oct 31, 1675

13:219j - a Baudin.

13:220f  - a Bodin.

13:240t - Taine, Benjamin, son of Jaques T. and Marie Bodin. Dec 12, 1680.

13:243c - a Bodin.

13:245w - THIROT, Abraham, son of Phillippe (first written Abraham) T. and Ester Bodin, his wife. Wit: Abraham Huet (first written Thiriot) and Marie Thiriot. Oct. 16, 1681.

13:25l - a Boudin.

13:253s - an Ester Baudoin. Probably nothing related to my research.

13:263y - Jerny, Ester, d. of Jean J and Anne Thibaut, his wife. Wit: Isaac de l' Etrille, and Ester Bodin, wife of Nicolas Faucon. Oct. 31, 1683.

13:267c - Thiriot, Samuel, son of Philippe T. and Ester Bodin, his wife. Wit: Samuel Marc and Marie Ganeron. March 16, 1684.

Volume 16: The Registers of the French Church of Threadneedle Street, London, Part 3 (#962136).

16:9j - Marriage announcement Alba, Abel, native of Mazamet in Lanquedoc, son of feu Pierre Alba and of feu Caterine Roland; Esther Bodin, native of Havre de Grace, daughter of feu Jean Bodin and of Jeanne Godefroy. Feb 4, 1688.

16:194f - Bodin, Henry, son of Henry B., -----, and Anne, his wife, in Swan Yard, paroisse of Shordicth. Wit: Aaron Turquin, Anne Bedien. May 5, 1700.

16:233n - a Jean Bouduin from 1703.

16:257o - a Boudain baptized in 1704.

16:274e - a Boudin from 1706.

16:293w - a Boudin from 1708.

16:297g - a Boudin from 1708.

16:335o - a Boudain baptized in 1714.

Volume 18: Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalization for Aliens in England and Ireland 1603-1700 (#0824513), edited by William A. Shaw. Lymington: Charles T. King (1911, v. 18, pp. 413).

18:128 & 129 - The following denization to John and Esther Bodin (Refugee Denizations) was a grant to persecuted Huguenots who left France for the sake of their religion and conscience and wished to take shelter in England. These entries come from S.P. Dom. Car. II., Entry Book, 67, dated October 14, 1681. Among the many entries for that date were these:

- Francis Bridon, junior,

Suzanna, his wife,

Francis Bridon, his son, and

Elias Vallet, his servant.


- John Boudin, and

Ester, his wife.

Note: People's children seem to normally be mentioned in these records. Maybe infant children were excluded, but I doubt it. If they were not excluded, then it looks like John and Ester did not yet have any children at this date in time. See also notes for volume 49 below.

Some names of other people mentioned on Oct. 14, 1681 were the following: Mathelin Alart, James Target, Isaac Blondet (Blondell), John Gerbier, Peter Morner (Monier, Morcier?), John Hain, Mauzé family, du Pus families D' Agar families, etc. All were born aliens. These names stood out to me, but they may have nothing to do with the Bodines. I think I listed these because many, if not all, of them were also present on March 8, 1682 (see below) when the Bridons were inscribed on the Patent Rolls. This could mean they were in some way connected to the Bridons or Bodines. That is in no way necessary, though.

18:135 - March 8, 1681-82. The Bridons are listed again from the Patent Rolls instead of the special Refugee Denizations. There are a ton of people with them, but not Jean and Ester Bodin (at least as far as I noticed).

- Francis Bridon

Jeanne, his wife,

John and

Susanna, his children.

Volume 23: Register of the French Church of Threadneedle Street, London, Part 4 (#962139).

23:37k - an Ester Baudin from 1717.

23:102v - a Bodin from 1725.

23:103v - a Bodin.

23:111d - an Ester Bodoin.

23:117i - a Bodin.

23:125f - a Bodin from 1727.

23:146l - a Baudin.

Volume 49: French Protestant Refugees Relieved Through the Threadneedle Street church, London 1681-1687, by A. P. Hands and Irene Schouloudi. London: Huguenot Society of London (1971, vol. 49, 234 pp.)

BODIN, Jean, farrier, anchor smith, smith (mareschal d'ancres)* with wife, from Soubize. Relief payments received in 1681 on Sept. 21/23; Sept. 21/28; Oct. 5/7; and four other times with the last being on Nov. 30. He had eight grants in all for a total of L 2.3.6.

Note: These relief payments were for Huguenots who had to flee France and had little resources in England when they arrived. I think the money came from both the church there and the English government.

Jean was received into fellowship at the Church there by "témoignage" on Nov. 5, 1681, being vouched for by a Mr. Lortie. He and his wife, Ester, were naturalized on Oct. 14, 1681.

Note: It is significant that they have no children mentioned in the relief records. However, many other entries have children mentioned. The norm seemed to be to mention if they had children. My best guess is that John and Ester had no children yet as of 1681. See also notes for volume 18 above.

*This refers to the Jean Bodin who married Esther Bridon. There was a footnote for this entry which talked about Jean's probable occupation. I forgot to copy it, but I think it said that Jean was some kind of ironsmith and not necessarily an anchor smith. This was probably a bad translation of "mareschal d'ancres." I'm not sure of that now, but that's what I remember.

Bridon: Here is some info on the Bridon family from the Quarto Series.

Volume 3: The Registers of the Protestant Reformed Church at Guisnes, France (Baptisms, Deaths, and Marriages) 1668-1685 (#0086957). This is in Calais.

3:247 - On April 20, 1683 the marriage of Charles Bridon, Sieur de Bosle-Roy, age 34, son de feu Isaac Bridon, Doctor of Medicine, and the Damoiselle Esther Cocquet, nat. of Dieppe et y demt, accompanied by Anthoine Maressal and by Jacob le Turcq, ses bon amis; And Marie de la Rue, age 29, daughter de feu Louis de la Rue and of Marie Sauchelle, nat. of Calais et y demte, accompanied de sad. mere, et de Louis de le Becque, pere, son cousin issu de Germain.

From other records there, it looks like Charles had at least two children baptized in that church: a daughter (maybe Marie) and a son Charles.

Volume 13: Register of the French Church of Threadneedle Street, London, Part 2 (#962136).

13:246w - Francois Bridon was the witness to the baptism of Isabele Alart, daughter of Mathurin Alart and Elizabeth Gindeau. Dec. 4, 1681.

Volume 14: The Registers of the French Nonconformist Churches in Dublin (#0962136).

14:49 - a Marie Bridon from 1716. The French Church on Peter Street in Dublin.

Volume 18: Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalization for Aliens in England and Ireland 1603-1700 (#0824513), edited by William A. Shaw. Lymington: Charles T. King (1911, v. 18, pp. 413).

18:128 & 129 - Denizations Francis Bridon, etc. See further above under v. 18 for the Bodines.

18:135 - The Bridons are listed again on March 8, 1681-82 from the Patent Rolls instead of the special Refugee Denizations. There are a ton of people with them.

- Francis Bridon

Jeanne, his wife,

John and

Susanna, his children.

2. "Bodines" mentioned in the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society

Another resource I looked at was the series called the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and London. I looked up Bodin and its major spellings in the master index [Master Index to the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and London Volumes I - XXVI, 1886-1997, edited by John Gandon. London: Intype London, LTD (1998, 300 pp.)] and made the following notes below.

The most interesting thing I found was in volume 2 of these proceedings [Proceedings of the Huguenot Society, v. II (1887-1888). London: Spottiswoode & Co. (1889)]. This is an article on pages 567 to 587 called "Foreign names in the Parish Register of Rye." There are quite a few interesting entries from those registers. The author of the article only picked out some of the most interesting ones from the Parish registers; so there could be many more there that he did not mention. (He also mentioned that there is a gap in the records from June 1569 until November 1573). These records seem to show that Jean Bodin was living in Rye, England as late as June of 1696. There are also quite a few records related to the Bridon family.


- Bodin, Mary Ann, d. of John B. and Hester, his wife. They are marked as F. P. which seems to mean "French Parents." The date does not seem to be given, but it is in the middle of the June 1696 baptisms; so it has to have been sometime in June of 1696. From the other dates, it would have been on or before June 14.

- Richards, Elisabeth, d. of Daniel R. and Elisabeth, his wife. "F. P." August 18, 1696.

- Richer, Susanna, d. of Daniel R. and Elisabeth, his wife. "French." May 22, 1698.

- Rieche, Francis, s. of Denne R. and Susan, his wife. "French." March 26, 1699.

- Richer, Mary Ann, d. of Daniel and Elizabeth R. "French." January 25, 1700.


- Bridio, Mary. "A French maid." December 6, 1698. The book does say "Bridio" and not "Bridon."

- Richer, Jane, d. of Dennis R. "F." November 25, 1699.

- Bridon, Francis, s. of Francis B. "French." November 26, 1699.

- Richards, Susan, d. of Daniel R. "French refugee." August 22, 1704.

Here are some other references in the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society to the name Bodin or one of its other main spellings.


2:205 to 240 - This is an article called "Notes of the Dutch, Walloons, and Huguenots at Sandwich in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries." The author says the records for city of Sandwich, England are found mainly in what are called the "Year Books." This may also be called "The Little Black Book." Another of these may be called the "New Red Book." The "Foreign Book" which ended in 1572, gives some names of foreigners living in the town of Sandwich and their professions. Living in the 12th Ward was a Jacob Bowden, baker. There were some letters after his name, but I don't know what they mean (vjs viijd).

2:567 to 587 - This is an article called "Foreign Refugees in Rye." One thing in this article is some names from a "List of Strangers in Rye, November 1572 (Landsdowne MSS. vol. xv. No. 70). It was taken on Nov. 4, 1572. One entry is for Nicholas Bowdin, merchant; John Bowdin, merchant; and a maide. They seem to have come on August 28 of that year. In another entry, a John Burden (a farmer from "Blackville") came over on Nov. 4, 1572 as a "passenger of the French" (whatever that means). He came for religious reasons. He may or may not be French. Some listed with him were and some were not.


19:p? - Unrelated.


16:p? - See Boidin below.

22:p? - This is a Robert Baudin from the late 1700's.


2:p? - No notes.

13:p? - This mentions the philosopher Jean Bodin.

14:528 - Charles Bodin is named as a Huguenot goldsmith in England and Ireland. All it says of him is "Freeman 1681." I'd have to read the whole article to understand that, but I don't see this as an important reference. Another reference in this volume is to the philosopher Jean Bodin.

15:41 - This mentions a Dame Marguerite Bodin. She was the widow of Henri de Chivré. She had at least two daughters: Elizabeth and Francoise de Chivré. Henri was the father of Gédéon de Chivré who was the Marquis de la Barre. Gédéon abjured (i.e., he denied being a Protestant) on December 14, 1685 after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Others, including Marguerite also abjured. This was only a temporary measure, though, because she and her children escaped to Holland.

The château of La Barre still existed at least as late as 1933 (when this volume of the Proceedings came out). It stands near the village of Bierné near St. Aignan (Anjou area).

The other Bodin reference in this volume, I believe, is to Jean Bodin the philosopher.


16:132 - This mentions the names, it seems, of two Boidin families in the Village d' Erquehem dur la Lys:

1) Boidin, Robert, et sa fille

2) and Boidin, Anthoinne, sa fe. 3 enf.

They are mentioned as part of whole group of people who were listed as "Protestants from Armentières and thereabouts who desire to have a Pasteur." These lists were inserted in the Report of the Commissioners of the Council of State who inspected the "New Conquests" during March, April, May and June of 1711. The towns of Fleurbaix, Sailly, Ventie, Niepe, Belle (Bailleul), Frelinghien, Village d' Ouplinne, and the Ville d' Amentières were also listed. There are also Protestants mentioned from cities near Lille who renounced the Catholic Church. In the Village de Quesnoy (near Ypres on the Menin side) there was a Jeanne Bautin. I don't really see any other names that I recognize, but they all sound French.

I believe the Antoine Baudin mentioned in an earlier petition from Sept. 6, 1710 si the same as the one above. He has four others with him.


26:p? - This mentions Rev. Hugh Boudin several times. He was alive in the 1990's.

3. "Bodines" in Sandwich, England

There is a story that a Bodin family lived in Sandwich, England in the 1570's. They are said to have crossed over from Armentieres, France because of severe persecution of Protestants at that time. After living several years in Sandwich, they are then said to have moved to Leiden, Holland. They would have been Walloons and not speakers of Flemish. I wanted to look for information on this story at the Huguenot Library. That was one of the reasons I went there.

In the end, I found very little in the way of records for Sandwich, England; however, I did find one excellent book called The Flemish and Walloon Communities at Sandwich during the Reign of Elizabeth I (1561-1603), by Marcel Backhouse [Brussels: Paleis der Academien (1995, 215 pp.)]. Backhouse wrote his dissertation on the Flemish and Walloon refugees at Sandwich and submitted it to the University of Southampton (England) in 1991. The book above is a revised version of that. His dissertation is available at the university there and at the library of the Koninklijke Academie in Brussels. It would be great to get a copy of - or at least see Backhouse's dissertation. That has a lot more detailed information than his book does. If anyone has access to this document, please let me know.

He says foreign immigrants began settling in Sandwich on a large scale in 1561 and at Canterbury in 1575. The Walloon French-speaking church lasted only about ten years in Sandwich before it moved to Canterbury in 1575. The Walloons were subordinate to the Flemish-speaking community in that area since they were very much outnumbered. That is one reason why Backhouse says documentary evidence on the Walloons is virtually non-existent in the Sandwich area. In 1565, many left for the new refugee community at Norwich (I did not find any Bodins listed in the published records there). The number of refugees peaked in 1567 when the Duke of Alva arrived in the Netherlands. Many refugees went back in 1573 after he had left and with the Pacification of Ghent in 1576. However times were still turbulent in the 1570's, 1580's, and 1590's when the Spanish troops of the Duke of Parma (Alexander Farnese) reconquered the Southern Netherlands.

The sixteenth-century Walloons came from Artois, Hainaut, Walloon Flanders and the Pays de l'Alleu. Tournai, Armentières and Valenciennes were the major Walloon towns. There are only two lists of names for them: Pro, Sp12/78/29, ff. 180-212. The Flemings and Walloons are intermingled in this list; and B1, Additional 33, 511, ff. 327-338. (I believe these records are in the Public Records Office in London, but I'm not quite sure what the abbreviations mean.) Only the origin of some of these people can be determined. They came from Alleu, Amiens, Antwerp, Armentières, Artois, Bailleul, Bergues-Saint-Winoc, Comines, Haringe, Hondschoote, La Gorgue, Laventie, Mesen, Monain, Reningelst, Richebourg, Sailly, Steenwerck, Tournai, Warneton, Wervik, Westkwartier, and Wormhout. A large contingent probably came from Armentières (see "La crise iconoclaste de 1566 dans la région d' Armentières. Essai de description et d' interprétation," by J. M. Regnault & P. Vermander, in Revue du Nord, Lille, lix, 1977, pp. 221-231).

Backhouse says that none of the burial, baptism or marriage registers for the Flemish community at Sandwich during the second half of the sixteenth century have survived.

Manuscript H (French Hospital) / J 27. I looked for this at the Huguenot Library, but it was missing from the manuscript folder. However, a transcription of it may be around the Library somewhere (Dr. Pohl seems to remember that being the case). Backhouse says it is a list of the Poor Relief Accounts 1568-1572 from the Sandwich French Church.

4. Miscellaneous Research

Here are some miscellaneous resources I looked at or found reference to in the library.

1) Huguenot Pedigrees, by Charles E. Lart. The Saint Catherine Press: London (v. 1, 1924).

- Under the family "Buor de la Lande," it says that Jean Baptiste Buor was godfather, 17 Feb. 1586, at La Rochelle, to Charles Bodin, son of René Bodin, sieur de la Blandrière, and of Antoinette de Besse "escuyer, seigneur de la Lande Buor" (Reg. Prot. La Rochelle). I guess this means it comes from the Register of the Protestant Church of La Rochelle.

2) The Walloon Community at Canterbury 1625-49. This is an unpublished Univeristy of Wisconsin Ph.D. thesis (1970) by J. Campbell. This supplements the information found in the Quarto Series on Canterbury. I would like to get a copy of this some day. If anyone has access to it, let me know.

3) The Face of Virginia, by A. Aubrey Bodine. This is a historical book that may have some info on the Bodine family. I did not see it at the library; I only found a reference to it.

End of Notes


Patent Rolls - Patent Rolls are at the Public Records Office in London.

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