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Archives: Samuel Bodine Bible Records

This data was sent in by Brett Bodine from California and comes from leaves taken from a Bible once owned by Samuel Bodine, Brett's 6th great grandfather. Mrs. Arthur (Juanita Rogers) Brown of New York originally submitted this information to the periodical Pioneer Heritage. This can be found in v. 5 (1968), issue 2, p. 134. I believe Gene Price published volumes 1 to 10 of Pioneer Heritage between 1963 and 1973 (there may be more). The publisher's address was 70 Hillcrest Avenue, Larchmont, NY 10538. We are trying to find more information on this Bible and even get some pictures of it and the genealogical information within. In fact, we're not quite sure if the periodical was called Pioneer Heritage, Inheritance, or Heritance. If anyone knows how to get this, please contact me. The text in blue below is what I believe was added by the person who originally submitted this record to Pioneer Heritage. I added some information in teal.

I later got some more information on this Bible from Deanna Smith. She found it in a small Bodine file at the Schenectady County Historical Society (only two pages in the file). It is also in the DAR Bible Record, v. 81. It says the Bible was then in the possession of Mrs. Arthur M. Brown, 18 Myrtle Blvd., Larchmont, NY. The record may also say, "Bring up your children in the admonition of the Lord" - or else that was added by someone since I don't have it in the transcription below.

Samuel Bodine

Born July 8, 1787
Died April 30, 1872
Mary Fox Bodine Born June 12, 1785
Died Sept. 9, 1851

(Note: dau. of Joseph Fox, b. Morris County, NJ,
Revolutionary Soldier)


Joseph Bodine was born February 11, 1808
Sarah Bodine was born January 7, 1809
Nancy Bodine was born January 8, 1810
Jane Bodine was born February 12, 1811; d. Sept. 25, 1851
Lavina Bodine was born March 1, 1813
+John Bodine was born August 10, 1815
Elizabeth Bodine was born March 10, 1817
Eliza Bodine was born January 3, 1821
James Bodine was born January 20, 1823; d. 1908
Mary Bodine was born May 26, 1824
Samuel Bodine was born May 1, 1827

John Allen Bodine was born August 10, 1815 at Baun Hill, Greene County, Pennsylvania
Esther (Freeman) Bodine was born June 24, 1821 (d. 1911 in Pittsburg, PA)


Elias Bodine was born September 7, 1839; d. October 27, 1856
Flora Bodine was born January 13, 1841; d. March 13, 1862
Orilia Bodine was born May 25, 1843
Amos Bodine was born January 17, 1845
John Allen Bodine was born June 28, 1847 at Orville, Ohio
Babe was born November 21, 1850
Mary C. Bodine was born August 3, 1855

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