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Archives: Sarah M. (Bodine) Neafie Family Bible Bible

This Bible was published in 1868 (Click here to see the cover page). It first belonged to Sarah Milliken (Bodine) Neafie, the daughter of Lewis I./J. Bodine and Mary Blake. It was given to her by her mother in October of 1868. The following inscription comes from the Bible:
presentation to Sarah M Bodine

Sarah Milliken Bodine was born on November 5, 1827 in Montgomery, Orange County, New York. Her husband was Augustus Neafie. He was born September 16, 1825. Sarah and Augustus were married on October 15, 1851 in New York.

My thanks to Kevin Elliott who sent me the images of this Bible and worked with me on transcribing it. He recovered this Bible about 1998. Sarah was Kevin's great-grandmother on his father's side.


BIRTHS (page 1)

Column 1
Lewis I Bodine
was born Feb 9th 1774
Mary Blake
was born Sept 5th 1785
Note: It's hard to tell if Lewis's middle initial is an "I" or a "J", but his will seems to have it pretty clearly as an "I."

Column 2
Luetta S. Elliott (in pencil)
was born Oct 5 1894
Dorothy D. Elliott (in pencil)
was born Oct 28 1896
Wesley Elliott (in pencil)
was born March 6 1899
John Earley
was born Jan 25 1890
Emil Caponey (actual name is Capone)
was born Nov 16 1899

BIRTHS (page 2)

Column 1
Augustus Neafie
was born Sept 16th 1825
Sarah M Bodine
was born Nov 5th 1827
Marietta H Neafie
was born July 16th 1852
Emma Jane Neafie
was born June 30th 1854
Charles A Neafie
was born Aug 5th 1857
Edward B Neafie
was born May 7th 1860
George H Neafie
was born June 17 1862
Kate K Neafie
was born Sept 19th 1864

Column 2
James K Neafie
was born Mar 1st 1867


Column 1
Augustus Neafie
was Married to
Sarah M Bodine
October 15 1851

Lewis I Bodine
was Married to
Mary Blake Ap 10th 1810

Egbert Seymour
was Married to
Marrietta H Neafie
Oct 2 25, 1833

George H Neafie
was Married to
Tino Breno
November 2 1887

Column 2
Edward B Neafie
was Married to
Kate Collins
January 17 1891

George H Neafie
was Married to
Ida Bauer
October 17th 1890

Wesley D Elliott
was Married to Kate K Neafie
June 9 1890 (actual year was 1891)

John Earley
was Married to Dorothy
D Elliott Feb 11 1915

Emil Capone
was Married to Luetta
S Elliott Aug. 7 1925

Wesley D Elliott was
Married Julia Young
May 1935 (actual year was 1934)

Lewis I Bodine
died May 22nd 1830
Aged 56 years 3 months 13 days

Mrs Mary Bodine
Died January 27 1878
Aged 93 years 4 months and
22 days.

Emma-Jane Neafie
died Dec 27 1856
Aged 2 years 5 months 27 days

James K Neafie
Died Jan 20 1899
Aged 1 years 10 months 26 days

Augustus Neafie
died May 25 1871
Aged 45 years 8 months
And 9 days

Charles A Neafie
died January 15 1882
Aged 24 years and 5 months

Column 2
Tina Neafie
died April 17th 1888
Aged 23 years

Edward B. Neafie
Died Jan 22nd 1896
Aged 35 yrs 9 mos

James H Seymour
Died June 14th 1902
Aged 26 Years 3 Months
And 3 days

Sarah M Neafie
Died Sept 10, 1911
Age 83 years 10 mo.

Marietta H Seymour
Died June 23 1935
Aged 83 years 8 days

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