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Archives: Adam and Sarah (Frymiur) Bodine Family Bible

The following information was sent to me by Carol Bodine, wife of Don Bodine. Don was the son of Chester Otto Bodine and Cordelia Ammons. This information comes from a Frymiur (Freemeyer-Bodine) family Bible. Carol had this Bible in her possession for a short time a few years ago. She transcribed the Bible at that time and this is what she sent me.

This Bible may have first belonged to Catherine Ann (Frymiur) Hanber. I am only guessing, but it seems like it may have then passed on to Sarah J. Freemier since it also has her family listed. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob Frymiur and Rachel Swan. She was the wife of Adam Dickerson Bodine. Adam was the son of John Blake Bodine and Anna Dickerson.

Weber Enoch Frymiur was born Dec. 16th AD 1809
Lanuck Frymiur b. March 28, 1812
Catherine Ann F. b. April 12, 1815
Sarah J. F. b. Feb. 12, 1817
Susannah Rachel b. Sept. 14, 1819
Elizabeth b. Sept. 8, 1822

Note by Dave Bodine: Since Jacob Frymiur and Rachel Swan married on May 21, 1815, it would appear that Jacob had the first three children, listed above, by another wife.

The Children of C. J. Hanber and Catherine Ann Frymiur Hanber
Josephine C. Hanber b. Jan. 30, 1838
Lilas J. born Aug. 8, 1840
Sarah Catherine b. March 7, 1844
Eliza Jane b. March 14, 1845
Justus L. born Sept. 5, 1846
Mary Elizabeth b. May 23, 1848
Leonora Ann b. Sept. 12, 1852
Charles Andrew b. Sept. 6, 1854

Jacob Frymiur and Rachel Swan Married May 21, 1815
C.F. Hanber and Catherine Ann Frymiur m. Dec. 17, 1834
J. C. Powell and Josephine C. Hanber was married by the Rev. M. N. Warren in the Baptist Church Columbus City, Ohio (no date given)
Lilas J. Hanber and Martha June Mason m. Nov. 1868
M.J. Tellers and Carrie Hanber m. May 14, 1867
Gideon Fowler and Jane Hanber m. Oct. 2, 1872
Leander Stillwell and Leonora Ann Hanber m. May 9, 1872

Jacob Frymiur departed this life July 6th 1822 aged 47 years, 4 months, and 5 days.
Rachel Frymiur departed this life May 20th 1859 aged 71 years, 6 months, and 14 days.
Catherine Ann Hanber died March 28th 1857 aged 42 years and 15 days
Sarah Catherine Tellers died October 1870
Justus L Hanber was killed in the battle at Atlanta Georgia in July 1863

Adam Bodine and Rena A. McLain was married December 29, 1888
Miss Della May Bodine and W. H. Brown m. March 26, 1910
Margaret Elizabeth Bodine and W. D. Ricks m. Nov. 22, 1911
Nellie Blanch Bodine and L. D. Carter m. Sept. 26, 1915
J. W. Bodine and Bertha Chesney m. Dec. 27, 1916
Grace Bodine and H. E. Smith m. Dec. 4, 1919
Laura Ethel Bodine and G. R. Dale m. Oct. ?, 1922
Gracie Bodine Smith and J. E. Williams m. Nov. 26, 1922
Mable Marie Bodine and M. R. Dunham m. Nov. 27, 1922
Margaret E. Bodine Ricks and George Taylor Bentley m. May 16, 1926

Carol said that this was all that was listed in the Bible. Carol also said that Margaret, Nellie, Grace, Laura Ethel, and Mable were all sisters of Chester Otto Bodine, Don's father. He also had brothers Ted and Will and half brother Ralph. Adam is buried in Quanah, Texas as is Ted. Chester is buried in Shamrock, Texas and died in November 1968. He married Cordelia Ammons.

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