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Archives: Samuel Tucker Bodine Family Bible

This Bible was recently offered for sale at Ebay. I bought it and made copies of the genealogical pages. I don't know who the original owners were, but it contains the family of Samuel Tucker Bodine and his two wives: Isabel Sheppard Nixon and Louisa Wylie Millikin. Samuel was born July 19, 1810 in the Wading River Tavern in Burlington Co., NJ. His parents were Capt. John Bodine (b.1745) and Ann Taylor (b. 1765).

Doris Ross Johnston has also copied the information from this Bible to her web site. She has some pictures of it there as well. Click on the following link to view her information: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~madgenealogist/BodineFamily.html

Here are a couple of pictures of the Bible. Click on this link to see the cover page and on this link to see the outside binding. The Bible measures eleven inches tall, by eight inches wide, by three inches thick. Click on the highlighted links below to see the actual pages of the Bible.

John Bodine and Ann
Taylor, 16th Sept. 1790, in
Burlington Co. New Jersey

Jeremiah S Nixon & Mary S
Thompson April 30th 1816 in
Cumberland Co. New Jersey

Samuel T Bodine & Isabel
S. Nixon dec. 19th 1833 in Kent
County Delaware

Samuel T Bodine and
Louisa W. Millikin, Nov. 25th
1851 Philada. Pa.

Francis L Bodine & Mary
Belle Millikin Oct. 14th 1858
Philada. Pa.

William Millikin and
Martha Orr in Philada.

Thomas Wallace & Emily
J Bodine Oct 16th 1862
at Germantown Phila

Note: The entry above is in another pen and by a different hand than the other marriage entries. The "16th" is penciled in. This also appears to be a different hand (and pen) than the person who wrote the "North of Ireland" entries (see further below).

Births (page 1)
John Bodine, in New
Jersey 1745
Note: The "5" has been changed to a "3".

Ann Taylor in North
Carolina 1765
Note: The "5" has been changed to a "3".

Jeremiah Smith Nixon,
Cumbd Co. N.J. Sept 20th 1794.

Mary Shaw Thompson,
Cumbd Co. N.J. decr 22nd 1794.

Samuel Tucker Bodine,
Burlington Co. N.J. July 29th 1810

Isabel Sheppard Nixon,
Cumbd Co. N.J. April 27th 1817

Louisa Wylie Millikin,
Philada. Pa. Nov. 16th 1820

William Milliken,
North of Ireland

Martha Orr,
North of Ireland

Note: "North of Ireland" above is written in with a different pen; although, it appears to be the same hand as most of the other Bible entries. However, the person writing may have been older as the writing is a little less stylish.

Francis Lee Bodine, Son
of Samuel T. & Isabel S Bodine
Decr. 14th 1834, in Kent Co., Del.

Emily Jane, daughter of Saml.
T & Isabel S Bodine Oct 5th
1836, Philada. Pa.

Jeremiah Nixon, Son
of Samuel T & Isabel S Bodine
decr. 7th 1838, Philada. Pa.

Samuel Thompson, Son of
Samuel T & Isabel S. Bodine
March 5th 1841, Philada. Pa.

Births (page 2)

Louisa, daughter of Samuel T
& Louisa W Bodine decr 25th 1852
in Philada. Pa.

Samuel Taylor, Son of Samuel
T & Louisa W Bodine Augt 23rd
1854, Philada. Pa.

Martha Milliken, daught
of Samuel T & Louisa W Bodine
Augt. 13th 1856, in Philada. Pa.

Alice, daughter of Samuel
T & Louisa W Bodine Nov 16th
1858, Germantown Pa.

Deaths John Bodine March 26th 1826
in Burlington Co NJ.

Ann Bodine, March 26th 1831
Salem Co NJ.

Isabel S. Bodine March 26th 1841
in Philada. Pa.

Samuel Thompson Bodine
July 4th 1841, in Bridgeton

Louisa Bodine, Augt 7th, 1854
at Cape May NJ.

Mary Shaw Nixon
Dec 14th 1861

Martha Orr Millikin
Nov. 22nd 1864.

Note: These last two entries appear to be in the same hand and pen as the person who wrote "North of Ireland".

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